Match the Tan to the Trend

If you want to show off your beautiful, even and deep tan, then the right clothing can go a long way for you. If you sport nude colors, you can make the warm glow of your skin truly pop — an excellent way to look amazing during the warmest days of the season. Nude colors give you a natural and subtle glow that’s perfect for making your bronzed skin tone truly stand out.

If you want to make the most out of your tan and penchant for nude colors, make sure to refrain from making the fashion mistake of looking faded and tired. Add some pop to your nude colored outfit with attractive prints or gold or silver accessories and clothing pieces, whether a scarf, belt or chunky bracelet.

Pairing nude colors with good, old-fashioned black clothing can also work wonders for giving your outfit — and stunning tan — an undeniable appeal. If you wear black clothing, you can create contrast that’s simultaneously elegant and striking. If you have a soft tan and are wearing nude colored pants or shorts, a fitted black top can be the perfect answer for completing your effortless spring or summer look, no two ways around it.

Remember to always pick nude colors that are appropriate for your specific skin tone. If you have a rich tan but are naturally on the pale side, for example, then you might want to select nude colors that have pinkish, rosy undertones. If you have a rich tan but are naturally a little darker in complexion, then you might want to select nude colors that are closer to brownish or gray.

It’s also crucial to refrain from wearing nude colors that are too close to your tan color. If you’re sporting a lovely warm beige tan, then you might want to stay far away from any clothing that is of a similar color. If you don’t, you could potentially end up looking somewhat faded and dull — the last thing you want when the weather is nice and warm.

If you wish to accentuate your tanned gams, then nude footwear can be your best friend. If you invest in a pair of pumps in a suitable nude color, then you could potentially create an optical illusion, making your legs look markedly slimmer and longer than they naturally are, and who doesn’t want to do that? Not only can nude pumps make your legs look runway-ready, but they go well with all sorts of different outfit styles.