April 29, 2022

Upgrading Your Salon

With the growing amount of salons upon us, it is crucial to stand out from your competitors. Yes, you can do all the good marketing and make your salon look appealing, but what really secures a loyal client are quality products and experiences. Want to achieve this goal, but do not know where to start? Let’s talk ways our Master Esthetician Spray Tan Booth Kit can get you ahead of your fellow competition!

What Does the Master Esthetician Spray Tan Booth Kit Include?

  • Extraction Booth
  • Spray Tan Machine
  • 6 Solution Liters

A $2,816 value for only $1,990!!


Upgrade to the All in One Tan.Booth

The All In One Spray Tan Booth Kit offers several features to optimize your spray tanning abilities, as well as your client’s spray tan results. When compared to a tanning tent, the booth takes up less space while still providing more room for both you and your clients. The booth’s structure provides a sturdy, more professional feel for the client. They have the ability to comfortably move around, to get in those perfect tanning positions. The booth furthermore utilizes a natural light replication. This means you will have the ability to provide your client with the most natural, sun kissed tan possible. To finish it off, your client will be under a four fan extraction to make the drying process a lot faster and more effective. You as a spray tanner will have the convenience of a more efficient clean up and maintenance of the booth. The booth has a quick change filter feature that makes changing out those dirty filters a much easier process. The roof prevents any over-spray onto walls or surrounding areas, as well as providing a private atmosphere. Overall, the All In One Booth beats the hassle of a tent or screen any day!!


Upgrade to The Tan.Lite 32000 Spray Tan Machine

The Spray Tan Booth Kit’s Tan.Lite 32000 Spray Tan Machine uses the latest spray tan technology to provide your clients with streak free, flawless color. Its’ stainless steel exterior, trigger, pin, and variable dial give the gun a sleek look while still being durable. After purchasing the Spray Tan Booth Kit you will no longer have to worry about your spray machine on the floor or the hose getting tangled, as there is a designated spot conveniently on the side of the booth for your Applicator Gun! Combining the gun’s Micro-Whirlwind Technology and ultra fine spraying technique, allows for a seamless application. Furthermore, the gun is easily detachable and convenient for all of your on the go tanning needs. It’s easy to use capability and professional spray tanning quality will have your client’s leaving 100% satisfied.


Upgrade to the Pro Spray Mists

The Pro Spray Mists give your skin the most professional color and glow in the shortest amount of time. In only one hour you can have your dream tan. Our Pro Spray Mists are offered in a range of colors to compliment any and all skin tones and types. All of the mists use a Triple Action Formula including Erythrulose, DHA, and Bronzers. The solutions’ added antioxidants and oils such as argan oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, coconut water, hemp seed oil, and more help effectively develop and maintain your spray tan. Additionally, each Pro Spray Mist is vegan, free of parabens, and contains 100% natural DHA. When compared to other spray tan mists, it is clear we care what goes into our products and onto your skin. With all of our solutions we utilize a skin first tanning mentality, making use of all clean ingredients.


Whether you are on your way to opening or have already built up a salon, you want to offer the best products available. Visit minetanbodyskin.com to see how you can make $3,290 in potential profit with our Spray Tan Booth Kit. Do not be just another salon, stand out from your competitors. Creating a top tier salon can be closer than you think!!


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