April 16, 2018

Tips to Attract Younger Clients to Your Salon

Running a beauty business is super fun. Running a beauty business with a whole range of clients is even better! That’s why it’s so important to tap into the younger market by being on-the-ball with all the latest trends and innovations in the beauty business so we’re sharing a few quick tips for attracting young clients to your salon.

Social media marketing

Regardless the age range, social and online media platforms have had the biggest impact in terms of advertisement and marketing, but especially for young beauty lovers. Knowing this, salons that want to pique the interest of a younger clientele, they need to create an online social base with platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and so on. Younger clients are more likely to find your services through social media or word of mouth than anything else and using these platforms to show off your amazing services through results and promotions will expand your younger clientele base.

Tap into trends

The best business owners keep up-to-date with all the latest trends, innovations and information related to their products and services, and this is especially vital to appealing to a younger clientele that has access to all the information they want on the internet. By offering products & services that are current and trendy will make your salon super appealing to young clients who also love to be on trend while your clients are more likely to keep coming back to you if you’re keeping them up-to-date and trendy!


Younger clients who are more likely to have less disposal income love incentives to come to your salon. Offering student discounts, promotions for friends who come in together or offering them discounts if they agree to model or trial certain new looks, products or services. Even offering discounts or holding competitions for those who promote you on social media is beneficial for all parties!

Tailored services

Try to update the services menu as well. Treatments and services offered should be designed in order to entice and draw in younger people. Offering packages that help reduce stress, acne breakouts and tired eyes will more than likely appeal to millennials.

Finding where your ideal demographic is and how to appeal to them is key to drawing in new customers and keeping them happy so that you’re one happy beauty business owner!

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