February 7, 2019

The new limited edition tan exclusive to ultra dark tan lovers

Just when the world of tanning became obsessed with MineTan’s ultra dark Absolute X40 Self Tan Foam and Pro Spray Mist – a.k.a. the darkest tan on the market when released – they’ve gone ahead and introduced not just one shade even darker, but two.

In response to the success of the self tan foam Absolute X40 using X40 quad bronzing intensifiers to create dark tans all over the world, MineTan then released X60 which now combines X60 quad bronzing melanin activating intensifiers with naturally derived tan actives to produce a darker, faster tan by activating skin cells to boost color for the darkest of all ultra dark tans. This was released for all MineTan lovers across the world.

ultra dark

But then MineTan took it a few steps further and the world of ultra dark tanning got even darker…

Made exclusively for those totally unafraid of the dark, MineTan released with Absolute X100 as a limited edition product with Priceline Australia. Yes, it’s exactly what you think, made with X100 quad bronzing melanin activating intensifiers for the deepest, darkest tan yet. Even better, it’s available in a supersize 300ml foam bottle because when you find the perfect dark tan, you need as much of it as you can possibly get, right?

As it will only be available for limited time, make sure you get in quick and stock up on the darkest tan available. Shop it at Priceline now!

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