August 14, 2017

The Guide to Man-Tanning

Whether it’s due to a fear of melanoma or simply a result of ever-changing beauty standards, more and more men are experimenting with self-tanners as a way to get that glowing, bronzed look. If you’re interested in this growing trend of man-tanning, then here are some tips to get that perfect tan on your first try.


Find Your Shade
For your first experience with man-tanning, don’t just dive in and apply a new color all over your body: that’s a recipe for disaster. Instead, apply your self-tanner to a small patch of skin, then wait 24 hours to let the product settle and determine if you’ve found the right shade. Always do this step when adjusting shades, or risk coating yourself in an unrealistic color.

Get a Trim

Before you start applying any oils or sprays, it’s important to trim your facial hair. Cutting the hair ensures you won’t get excess product stuck in the hairs, and all shaving should be done 24 hours prior to applying self-tanner so that your skin isn’t too sensitive.

Take Care of Your Skin

Think of man-tanning like painting; you wouldn’t want to apply paint to a rough, bumpy canvas, and self-tanners work much the same way. Use a body exfoliant to remove the built-up dead skin, then moisturize your dry areas like hands, elbows and knees. This will allow the self-tanner to glide on in a smooth application and give you a flawless, even coverage of product.

Protect Your Nails

It may sound silly, but protecting your nails is a crucial step to man-tanning if you want to avoid having discolored, sickly-looking nails for the next week. Simply apply Vaseline or a thick lip balm to cover your nails from the self-tanner, and you should have golden hands without the nasty addition of yellow nails.
Start Applying
Now that you’ve got done your prep work, it’s time to give yourself that spray tan. Regardless of the product you’re using, there are some general rules of thumb that will help give you a natural, healthy finish without unsightly demarcation.

First, make sure you’re covering your entire body. This seems obvious, but many people find on their first application that they’ve missed a chunk of their body and have ruined the illusion. For the best results, don’t worry about applying product to the same area twice, just make sure you’re completely covered.

As you’re applying, make sure that you’re gently rubbing in the product, not aggressively scrubbing. Harsh, forceful motions will only give you an uneven coverage and cover you in lines and streaks.

Enjoy Your Tan

It may sound like a lot of work, but it’ll all be worth it when you have a natural-looking, glowing tan. Make sure to take your time and not skip any steps, and you can be confident that your first man-tanning experience will be an excellent one.

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