October 12, 2018

Introducing MineTan’s Color Create

MineTan has the tanning world excited with the latest innovation from their labs with their Color Create Pack designed to let tanners create their own Color Base Tan for their own custom skin finish.

MineTan knows the importance of a custom tan that is totally tailored to your needs and your skin. This is why their Color Base Tan Collection has been so popular for so long with tanners obsessed with finding the perfect match for their skin. Now they have extended their Color Base range to include Color Create, an Invisible Tan Foam and Color Base Tan Droppers to allow you to mix and get creative with your own custom blend!

Like choosing your hair color or cosmetics, you can customize your tan to your desired skin finish. Create a mixture of mid-tone Mink, exotic Violet, cool Dark Ash and rich Blue Black to achieve your very own custom tan. Mix it up, get creative and experiment with your own custom blend for a custom skin finish. After all… life is better in color!

For you pro babes, Color Create also comes in a Pro Spray Mist Pack so you can mix and experiment with the clear solution to match a color base to your client.

How to Use Color Create

How to use

To create your own custom color base tan:

  1. Remove pump
  2. Combine a mixture of your chosen Color Create Tan Drops. Add 3-4 drops of each of your chosen color drops or until solution runs dark.
  3. Re-attach pump and shake gently to allow color activation.

Alternatively, use alone as a clear self tan foam.

For a streak-free self tan:

  1. Apply to clean, exfoliated skin using our Bronze On Applicator Mitt
  2. Use sparingly on elbows, knees and ankles. Wash hands after application.
  3. Rinse in lukewarm water after 1-3+ hours

CHOOSE HOW DARK YOU WANT TO GO. Shower in 1 hour for a natural tan. Leave on longer, for a deeper darker skin finish. Rinse with lukewarm water only for 45 seconds. Do not use soap or scrubs. Following your first shower your tan will continue to deepen in color over the next 24 hours. Regular showering may be taken 8-16 hours after application.

We recommend using our Bronze On Applicator Mitt and using only 15ml / 0.5fl oz per full body tan. You should achieve 10-15 tans per bottle. If you dare double coat we recommend using 25ml /0.85fl oz.

MineTan Color Create

Invisible Color Self Tan Foam

A super dark, clear self tan foam to create your own custom skin finish. Create your perfect color match: use with our Color Create Tan Drops to create your own unique color base tan.

BUT, you can also use this product on its own as a clear, transfer-resistant self tan foam! So no more worrying about your clothes or bed sheets after a tanning session with this foam – just tan and go and it will develop without bronzers transferring all over your belongings!

Color Create Tan Droppers

Coming in Blue Black, Violet, Mink and Dark Ash color bases, using the Color Create Tan Droppers you can mix colors and created a skin finish that is totally your design. The drops can also be used in Pro Spray Mists for an added dimension of color.

Recommend Recipes from the MineTan HQ

Not sure where to start? The MineTan team have put together some of their favourite combinations to create certain skin finishes:

  • Exotic Violet Tone: 20 drops Violet / 10 Drops Mink / 10 drops Blue Black/ 5 drops Dark Ash
  • Natural Dark Brown Tone: 20 drops Mink / 10 Drops Violet / 10 Drops Dark Ash / 5 Drops Blue Black
  • Super Dark Brown Tone: 30 drops Blue Black / 30 Drops Dark Ash / 20 drops Violet / 10 drops Mink

Or go crazy and mix your own!



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