December 7, 2018

Gift guide for beauty & tan lovers

Last minute stocking fillers or the ultimate gifts to beauty lovers, MineTan has the perfect range of products for you to give the gift of TAN this giving season. We all love a glow and we all love trying new beauty products or stocking up on our old favorites, so why not give the gift that keeps on tanning?

For those looking for an airbrushed skin finish…

The best selling Bronze Babe Personal Spray Tan Kit is the perfect gift for tan lovers who are either always at the salon getting a professional spray tan or never forget their weekly self tan appointment in the comfort of their own bathroom. The MineTan Bronze Babe is perfect for creating the perfect spray tan in the comfort of your own home which is so light, portable and easy to use it can go with you anywhere and save you the extra trip to the salon when you can’t make it. It can also be used with any spray tan solution, including MineTan’s best selling wide range of Pro Spray Mists. The perfect gift for those who love a perfect skin finish & love their beauty DIY!

For those who love the latest in beauty devices…

MineTan’s brand new innovation the Nano Mist Tan Compact is a self tanning revolution and perfect for the beauty love in your life who is always on to the next trend and revolution in beauty. The Nano Mist is the ultimate compact beauty tool that combines an amazing facial moisturizer with a self tan. So compact, it’s ready to be taken with you anywhere. Using Nano Atomization Technology, tan is absorbed by the skin faster than ever before leaving it feeling soft, hydrated and refreshed. The fast drying formula builds a natural tan gradually over the next few hours.

Gifts for Tan Lovers

For those who love to customise their own beauty…

MineTan has so many options for the beauty lovers who love products unique to them. The latest MineTan innovation is Color Create, which allows tanners to create their very own color base with the use of color base tan drops into an Invisible Color Self Tan. Like choosing your hair color or cosmetics, you can customize your tan to your desired skin finish. Create a mixture of mid-tone Mink, exotic Violet, cool Dark Ash and rich Blue Black to achieve your very own custom tan. Mix it up, get creative and experiment with your own custom blend for a custom skin finish. The perfect gift for the real beauty buffs in your life.

Create a personalised tan for a special someone…

Australian shoppers can enjoy MineTan’s Custom Tan option where you can make your own bottle of tan with whatever your favorite MineTan formula is. Think “Sarah’sTan” with a Violet base tan inside. The perfect customised stocking filler or secret santa gift! Custom Tan is coming soon to the rest of the world – stay tuned!

Gifts for the Custom Beauty Lover

For the skincare lover who loves a bit of a glow…

Gradual tanners are the perfect gift for those who may not be crazy tanners but love a light glow, especially with the added benefits of moisturized skin! The new MineTan Rose Illuminating Face Tan Mist and the Luxe Oil Illuminating Tan Drops are the perfect stocking fillers that give skincare lovers the opportunity to give a little extra glow to their face with hydrating benefits. While all of MineTan’s Gradual Tan Moistuizers are hugely popular as everyday moisturizers that give a hint of color to gradually build up a tan or maintain one.

For those who can’t go past your regular self tan foam…

All of MineTan’s Self Tan products are equally perfect for any beauty or tan lover in your life! Why not browse the full range and select the perfect color to give to the MineTan lover in your life or give a tanner a taste of a new brand. Or give them a few to try with the MineTan Self Tan Foam Minis Pack!

MineTan Color Base Tan Range



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