September 7, 2016

Find Your Perfect Tan for the New School Year

Whether going to school to get your degree in rocket science, ancient Egyptian emojis, or Koala hair styling, starting off your year with a fresh new look can really set the trend for the rest of the school year. When you go back to school, you want to wear the latest fashions so that you stand out from the crowd as someone who knows whats up. There are always new trends when it comes to jeans, colors, and the types of shoes that are seen on the feet, but one thing you might not consider being apart of your wardrobe is the tone of your skin.

Your choice of tan is just as important as your choice of your hot lab partner, or any other fashion choice you will make for the start of the school year. There are various levels of darkness and tone for tanning. You might wish to look as though you just walked off the beach in Sydney or maybe you want something a bit darker as if you just returned from an exotic vacation. No matter where you get your tan, it can be a benefit when you go back to school as it often makes you look healthier than being pale, and there are several summer colors that are brought to life when they are seen on tanned skin.

If you want to show off your golden arms, then consider wearing a tank top or a flowing shirt with sleeves that reach to the elbows. Floral prints will be a trend in 2016, and the pastel of the flowers will look beautiful against tanned skin, especially colors of coral, teal and light green. If you have a darker tan, brighter colors would work best, but if you have a lighter tan, consider wearing colors like purple and blue to bring out the tan.

At the end of the day, you want a tan that compliments your lifestyle and style choices. Not only will you feel the glow of confidence to conquer your school season, but also attract those boys to do your pesky homework for you so you can get back to the more important things in life…. like tanning!

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