October 11, 2017

Skincare’s Latest Frontier: Magnetic Face Masks

You’ve probably noticed, but in case you haven’t, magnetic face masks are all the rage right now! While magnetic facial masks are pretty new, the…

September 15, 2017

MineTan Introduces the Magic of Micellar Water to Tanning

Dedicated to always revolutionizing the way we self tan, MineTan has again unveiled another world first that will change your self tan regime. For unparalleled…

September 11, 2017

Why Micellar Water is taking the beauty world by storm

Micellar Water has been having it’s well-deserved time in the beauty industry and media in recent times. Known for being absolute heaven for your skin…

August 21, 2017

Are succulents the latest beauty ingredient?

Succulent plants like aloe vera, jojoba and others more exotic continue to pique interest among those in the beauty care fields. The fleshy and juicy leaves, roots and…

August 7, 2017

What’s with the 24K Gold Face Masks?

If you are part of Instagram and follow fashion and beauty trends you have probably seen the gold masks that some of the most famous…

July 27, 2017

How Athleisure is Taking Over Beauty & Tanning

The active lifestyle trend, also known as ALT-living, is taking over in 2017. More and more people are becoming health-conscious, paying closer attention to the…

July 21, 2017

Why Personalisation in Beauty & Tanning Matters

Anyone who has ever tried on a pair of jeans understands how frustrating it can be to find something that fits us individually! The single…

July 17, 2017

Latest beauty craze: feather brows

It seems Instagram has the power to decide what’s cool and what’s not. A new beauty trend has recently come to people’s attention in Instagram…

July 10, 2017

QVC goes coco-nuts over MineTan Coconut Coffee

We all know coffee and coconut fix everything… but have you added them to your tanning regime? It seems thousands did when MineTan’s very own Skin…

June 13, 2017

What You Need to Know About Eyebrow Tattooing

Strange as it might sound, eyebrow tattooing is the in-thing among most body art enthusiasts. This is one of the most popular forms of tattooed…



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