January 5, 2021

5 things to start doing in 2021 for the best tan results YET

Say no to hot showers

 We know that we tell our bronzed up babes to do a luke warm rinse to get any guide colors off after their tan sesh, but you’re better off keeping your showers short and sweet even after!

As tempting as a hot and steamy shower is days after a tan (don’t lie, we all do it…), warm water will actually make your tan fade faster! The cooler and quicker your shower is, the longer and glowier your tan will stay.

Moisturize daily!

Think you don’t need to moisturize? Then do it for the sake of your tan!

Even if your skin doesn’t LOOK dry, keeping your skin nice and moisturized will prevent your tan from cracking or flaking off, and help ensure the perfect fake tan fade. Using a gradual moisturizer like our it’s love. a daily moisturiser that makes me glow or hydrating mousse just shut up and sun kiss me is the perfect way to prolong your tan and keep your skin hydrated at the same time. 

Drink water

Daily moisturizer isn’t enough? You may be dehydrated and should consider upping your water intake to hydrate your skin from within.

There are so many benefits to drinking enough water on it’s own – it can help curb anxiety, help maintain your weight and curb your cravings, but also helps hydrate your skin and can even reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The benefits are endless!

Know your tanning goals

Going into buying your first bottle of tan (or even trying a new shade!) it’s important to think about your tanning goals – what undertones do you naturally have? Do you tan naturally in the sun or burn? What results are you hoping to achieve? What season is it? Do you want a hot, right off the beach tan in winter, or just a natural, glow hue? Knowing the answer to these questions will help you find the perfect tan for you!

Still not sure where to begin? Our tan selector is the perfect starting point.

Wash your mitt

Now real talk, when was the last time you washed your mitt? A few weeks ago? Months? Never?! Don’t worry babe, we won’t judge 😉 but we can tell you that a quick rinse or toss in the washing machine will breathe new life into your ride or die tanning mitt and will bring it right back to its former velvety soft glory.

Or maybe it’s even time to replace your mitt? Replace your classic i don’t want tan on my hands mitt or try our new tan back applicator we’ve got your back now available in the U.S.



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