The Man Tan: Three Quick Secrets

Since most beauty secrets are aimed at women, men often have a harder time navigating the personal beauty market. However, there are plenty of options for a man who wants to look his best, starting with the man tan.

Tanning is popular because it provides perfectly bronzed skin. For men, this is an essential part of creating a vital appearance. Just look at attractive celebrities like Brad Pitt or George Clooney. These men achieve effortless, ageless looks thanks to a perfect man tan.

While the sun may provide natural looking results, the harmful effects of too much sunlight are well documented. The same is true for tanning beds, which are increasingly linked with other dangerous outcomes. To achieve similar results without as many risks, self tanning products are the best alternative.

To achieve the perfectly masculine tan, just remember these three easy tips.

1. Colour While everyone looks good tanned, not everyone should have the same tan. Every person has a different skin tone, which means that their ideal tanned appearance will vary as well. Self tanners come in different hues, which allows users to pick one that best complements their natural complexion. Do not pick a colour that is too dark or the result will look unnatural.

2. Frequency Self tanning is not a one-time event. It must be applied and reapplied in order to stay vibrant. However, over application can make a nice tan look bad pretty quickly. Most self tanning products should be applied about once a week in an even, single coat. The face, however, may need more consistent application in order to look its best.

3. Products In order to get the best results, it is important to use the best products. Fortunately, there are high end products from Mine Tan that can get the job done. Mine Tan carries decadent tanning lines like their Moroccan Spray Tans, which feature naturally enriching Argon Oil. Their Chocolate Spray Tans create a rich finish with cocoa, which also nourishes the skin. The company’s 1 Hour Spray Tans are especially popular for quick and long lasting results. Mine Tan also has other specialty spray tans, making it easy to pick one that is best suited to any man’s skin tone or lifestyle.

Clearly, a good tan can make a man feel better about his appearance. Consider these tips and design a self tanning plan to fit your lifestyle.