How to Fake Tan Your Face

Summer is the season to show your flawless skin not only on the face but the rest of the body. Many women are on the quest of searching for an effective yet convenient solution for getting a fake tan. Well, you’re in luck; you’ll learn how to keep the bronze on your face gleaming for a few weeks. The task of applying the fake tan is moderately challenging, but still achievable using a few simple tips.

1) Prepare the Face Before Tanning
Just as the torso requires adequate preparation before a fake tanning process, the face should be ready too. Exfoliating is a great way of preparing the skin. However, this should be done a few days before the application date. Avoid oily products as they build a barrier that in turn hinders the tan from forming as required.

2) Keep Skin Hydrated
The skin is usually left in a dehydrated state after exfoliation. There is a wide range of Minetan products like oil-free moisturizers that will help your skin to combat the situation. Areas to focus on are mainly behind ears, neck, the nose, and the chin. Drink lots of water as well.

3) Select the Products
Although MineTan has all products required for the task, a patch test is still mandatory. Use your tanner to achieve this to prevent any potential breakouts. A lighter hue is the best to start with then you can build on that if need be.

4) Moisturise Before Application
Moisturise your face on the day of the application. Do this in the morning hours and be sure to focus on areas around the eyes, eyebrows and along the hairline. Use a gentle moisturizer because this will not cause an undesired reaction after tanning.

5) Apply the Tan
For a natural, even look, apply the fake tan like you would a moisturiser. Take small amounts and spread across the face using your fingertips in circular motions. For best results, apply in places where the sun often hits like the forehead, cheeks, chin, and nose.

Any potential adverse reactions can be prevented by observing proper hygiene. Make sure that you wash your hands using soap before and after applying the tan. In addition to this, carry out the procedure in an area with sufficient light, preferably from the sun. You’ll avoid making the smallest of mistakes this way. Use a foundation color that matches the tan.