How to Contour Your Face with MineTan

MineTan is a bronzer that is meant to adapt to your tan, enhancing it, and illuminating your skin. It will actually make you look like you have a shimmering glow. Whether you have a tan and want to give it a boost or you want your skin to look like it has been kissed by the sun, use MineTan bronzers to look your best. The trick is in knowing how to contour your face with MineTan so that you can get the most out of your product, turning heads everywhere that you go.

Tips for Contouring Your Face with MineTan
You need to remember that it is important to be subtle. You don’t want to lay on any product to heavily or it simply won’t look natural. First, be sure to pick a shade of MineTan bronzer that is a match for your skin tone. Depending on whether you have a tan or not, you may want to stock up on two shades of bronzers. Choose one that matches your natural skin tone and another that is the perfect fit for when you have a tan.

Apply Bronzer to Areas of Your Face that are Touched by the Sun
Think of those times when you first get some exposure to the sun. You know exactly where you’ve felt the power of the sun. Brush on your MineTan bronzer with a bronzer brush, using it high on your cheekbones, on your nose, and your forehead. Keep it light and you’ll have the appearance of a glow without looking like your make-up is caked on. If you apply too much of your bronzer, it will look like a fake tan.

Choose Lipstick and Eye Shadow that Complements Your Bronzer
As a final step, you need to take special consideration with the rest of your make-up. If you want your MineTan bronzer to look its best, choose warm tones in the rest of your make-up that will create a flawless complexion that can’t be beat. Think warm, earth tones that all blend together with your MineTan bronzer to create the illusion of the perfect tan. You don’t even have to go out in the sun. With MineTan, you’ll carry your tan with you everywhere that you go. There’s no fuss and no exposure to dangerous UV rays from the sun. Your skin will look radiant and be conditioned as a bonus.