Hot To Nail a Nude Lip

Create a Perfect Nude Lip for Your Skin Tone

The nude lip is a new makeup trend that many female celebrities such as actresses and models are currently wearing in television programs and movies or on fashion runways. If you want to have this gorgeous and natural look, then you need to know how to apply nude-coloured lipstick correctly in order to augment your own facial appearance. Using the wrong color of nude lipstick for your skin tone and hair color can lead to looking like you are dressing up in a costume for a Halloween party instead of a night out on the town with a new boyfriend.

Understand Your Skin’s Colour to Choose Nude Lipstick

It is important for you to understand your own facial skin colour in order to choose the correct colour of lipstick. If you have a problem selecting makeup colours that look great, then get a friend to help or visit a cosmetologist for assistance. There are several varieties of skin tones, including:

• Dark – choose chocolate or caramel coloured lipstick
• Medium – choose lipstick with a peach colour undertone
• Fair – select a pinkish undertone lipstick

Generally, you should select a nude lipstick and lip liner that matches your own natural lip color as closely as possible or go one shade lighter or darker when that lipstick colour is not available.

Prepare Your Lips for an Application of Nude-Coloured Lipstick

Before applying nude lipstick, you need to have lips that are in perfect condition to avoid ugly flakes or discolorations. Moisturizing your lips frequently is an excellent way to avoid having dry skin tissue, but you also need to exfoliate skin flakes occasionally. Several hours before planning to create your nude lip look, use a soft toothbrush to rub away the dry skin from your lips.

Apply Nude-Colour Lipstick Carefully to make it Look Fantastic

Begin creating a nude lip by brushing your teeth to have a perfect smile after the nude lipstick application. Add a high-quality lip balm to your lips to prevent dryness along with any smearing that might occur from the nude lipstick you have chosen. Use a matching nude-colour lip liner to shape your lips along the outside edges. To have your nude lipstick last longer, you can also use the lip liner on the entire upper and lower lips. Use a satin, cream or matte finish nude-colour lipstick on your lower and upper lips to create the new nude lip look with a direct application or by using a lip brush.