Hold Onto Your Summer Glow: Prolong Your Self Tan

Hold on to Your Summer Glow: Prolong Your Tan

Everyone tends to skip steps that they think are too much of a hassle to deal with when it comes to perfecting that perfect sun-kissed glow tan during the cold winter days—especially, when it comes to fake spray on tans. Then, the inevitable occurs. All the fading and mottle beneath clothing brought on by the tan you sprayed on days before becomes increasingly annoying. Thankfully, when it comes to prolonging this inevitable fate, there are particular steps that can be taken to create a more long lasting tan!

Exfoliation is key. Lightly exfoliating your skin can dramatically increase in healthiness as well as remove superficial layers of dead skin cells lingering around. Exfoliating a couple of days before you begin your spray tan journey to gorgeousness decreases product build up and allows your tan to last longer.Stay Dry! It is extremely important to allow spray tans to dry thoroughly to ensure that it lasts as long as possible. By doing this, you can avoid the splotchy tan and premature fading fate by simply standing in front of fan to help it dry faster.

More Moisture Please! Frequently moisturising the skin is an absolute must in any beauty skin care regiment. However, it improves your skin tan life in dramatic ways. Not only will your skin look healthier, but it will prevent the skin from drying out and will decrease the amount of dead skin cells. It is recommended to always apply moisturisers after application of the spray tan product as well as after you shower.

More Tanning, Less Showering. Among the various self-tanning tips is avoiding water altogether. Avoiding the rain for at least 4-8 hours after tan application will help you avoid streaking and increase the development of your tan.

Blend, Blend, and Blend Again. Blending the new tan with the old tan will allow the tan to take form into a more natural look and help to remove any excess spray tan product.

Bring on the Barrier! Placing a barrier between your skin and your tan when you shower can prolong your tan. Some tanning experts suggest occasionally putting an oily substance on before you shower will create a barrier that will allow the tan to stick to the surface without interacting with your skin.

Touch-it-Up. Although this is an inevitable process that is needed in order to prolong any tan, however there are benefits to doing it often. Not only will you start to get used to the routine, but your tan will last longer. Gradually applying self-tanner every couple of days will add more colour to your tan as well as create a more natural and non-fading look during those cold winter days.