Girls Night In: Host Your Own Tanning Party!

There’s nothing like bronze, beautiful skin to bring out your inner goddess. It gives you a vibrancy beyond compare, making your features and clothes truly sizzle. Get tan and people will begin to wonder if you’ve gone somewhere exotic or you’ll be the envy of all others when you walk the beach with your glorious skin tone. Grab the girls for a night in and host your own tanning party to share the fun, and the look! Whether it’s a regular Friday night or you’re planning the perfect Hen’s Party, everyone will enjoy getting tanned with MineTan – together!

Share The Safe Way To Tan

Lying out in the sun or heading to tanning booths can lead to serious long term damage for your skin. You want to look amazing, but you don’t want to pay for that tan in the future with accelerated wrinkles and skin damage. With self-tanning products from MineTan, you can bring the salon to your living room and take care of your skin while achieving the glow you want. You and your friends can use HandyTan, the ultimate spray tan gun that makes it possible for you to have a flawless tan without ever walking out the door. Experiment together with your group of tanners, and watch the transformation happen. Everyone will be feeling gorgeous by the time the night is done. Go out on the town or get ready for the wedding: all of the girls will be feeling – and looking – their best.

Make It A Team Effort

Try and give yourself a spray tan on your own and you’re likely to miss some of those hard to reach places, like your middle back or behind your legs. Getting together with the girls means you can have fun with it, and take turns tanning each others tricky areas, like the neck, shoulders and back. You can give each other an thorough inspection to ensure that everyone has a uniform, consistent tan when the tanning fun is over.

Girls Just Want To Have Fun

You work hard all week, now it’s time to relax. Pour a wine, put on some music, and let the tanning games begin. You’ll all have a blast as you use your MineTan equipment and kits to pamper yourselves and each other. Experiment with different MineTan products, such as the range of Professional Spray Tan Mists or your group’s collection of the 1 Hour Express Tans. Make all of your friends feel like royalty with a little pampering together. Your tanning party will create memories that will last a lifetime and have you planning the next event!