Spray Tan Essentials for Any Beauty Salon

If you are thinking about opening your own beauty salon with a specialty in spray tanning, your first step should be to find the right equipment. Clients who get professional spray tans expect the best of the best, and your salon can fall short if you do not use high-quality equipment or offer aftercare products. Stocking your beauty salon with the must-have spray tan supplies below can help you build the foundation that you need to grow a successful business and attract a loyal clientele.

1. Spray Tanning Systems

One of the toughest decisions you can make as a new salon owner is the type of machine you want to use for your signature spray tans. Spray guns, booths and pop-up spray tan supplies are some of the most popular tanning systems for sunless tanning salons. The best choice for you depends entirely on the size of your space and your personal preferences. You can mix and match equipment to give your clients a variety of options or just focus on one technique you know you can do well.

When you are ready to shop, choose a well-known brand. Premium tanning systems produce superior results and are easier to maintain than lower-grade machines. To give your clients a deeper and longer-lasting tan, try the compact tanning machines from Mine Tan. Available in two different models, Mine Tan’s professional machines are incredibly lightweight but powerful enough to deliver flawless spray tans on all skin types.

2. Sunless Tanning Solutions

Because clients have unique needs and strict preferences, it is important to keep your salon stocked with light, medium and dark tanning solutions. The quality of the mist you use is just as important as the quality of your machines, so you should always go with a brand that you know can deliver the results your clients want. In addition to its innovative tanning systems, Mine Tan offers a full range of bronzing formulas for high-end tanning salons. From temporary bronzers to Moroccan oil-infused solutions, Mine Tan’s professional tanning solutions make it easy to find the perfect formula for every client.

3. Spray Tan Supplies and Accessories

Disposable hair nets, soles and G-strings can make your clients more comfortable and help them avoid unwanted colour. Because inhaling tanning solution can potentially lead to health risks, you should also offer goggles and nose filters for clients who want them. In addition to offering disposable accessories, remember to fill up your salon’s beauty cabinet with professional products your clients can use at home. Selling primers, tan-enhancing lotions, moisturisers and exfoliating mitts can boost your profits and help you clients get the most out of their spray tans.