Equipping Yourself with a Tanning Tent

Spray tanning is one of the best ways to get a gorgeous full-body tan in just a few minutes, but there is no denying that it can get a little messy. Whether you are a self-described home tanning pro or an experienced airbrush artist on the go, investing in a pop-up spray tan tent can turn any space into a professional mini tanning salon. Forget stained furniture and tedious post-tanning cleaning sessions. With a protective tanning tent, you can get amazing results without making a mess.

Why Both Do-It-Yourself Fans and Professionals Love Spray Tan Tents

  1. Your spray tan tent can go wherever you go – If you run a professional in-home tanning service, you can easily travel to your clients’ homes with a portable tanning tent. Arriving with a pop-up mini booth shows that you care about your customers and your reputation. It is a great way to show that you are a serious about your work. If you are not a professional but love self-tanning at home, you can still get a lot of use out of a portable tanning booth. Wherever you travel, your pop-up tanning booth can help you maintain your dream tan on the go.
  2. Spray tan tents are the perfect safeguards against stains and spills – Since the spray tan formula stays inside of the tent, the clean-up is always minimal. All you need to do after you are finished with the application is to wipe down the walls and you’re done!
  3. Using spray tan tents can help improve your overall results – High-quality tanning tents are specifically designed to promote an even coverage, by keeping the interior well ventilated to speed up the drying process.

Getting Results with the Mine Tan Tanning Cubicle

Mine Tan’s pop-up spray tan tent is a professional-grade booth, so it’s an excellent choice for both beauty artists and people who love self-tanning at home.

The simple pop-up mechanism and easy-to-clean walls make it the ideal spray tent for any situation and location. The walls of the tent can be wiped off within seconds, so cleaning up any mess is a breeze. In addition to catching the mist in the air, Mine Tan’s Tanning Cubicle protects carpet and flooring from damage with its protective waterproof bottom.