DIY Tanning With Professional Results

MineTan can help you achieve the ultimate perfect tan using our Spray Tan Pro tools for home use. A professional spray tan gun, the HandyTan, allows for the perfect, salon quality results from the comforts and privacy of home. It’s easy to use and weighs the same as most hairdryers. This makes it the ideal tool for anyone level of tanner to spray tan themselves, friends and family members in a short amount of time.

How to Use Handy Tan

The secret to a natural-looking tan is skin preparation. You should exfoliate and apply a deep moisturiser on your skin 24 hours before you apply any MineTan tanning product. Shave your legs at least 48 hours before your skin treatment too. This ensures your tan is as even as possible, without patches of uneven colour and texture. Skin should always be clean, dry and free of any fragrances before applying your MineTan tanning product. When applying your moisturiser, be sure to focus particularly on elbows, knees, ankles, fingernails and toenails. Use a light hand while spraying tanner from the bottom up, and then let the tan dry completely before put any clothing back on.

How to Clean Your HandyTan

The HandyTan needs to be cleaned after each use to keep its nozzle and inner machinery from clogging. Rinse the container out with clean water. Wipe down the rest of HandyTan with a damp, soft cloth. After each use, fill the cup with water and spray in the sink until the water is clear. Wipe done each part dry to store away. This will help to get rid of any excessive MineTan tanning solution and other impurities. These guidelines ensure that your HandyTan is always running efficiently, smoothly and consistently each time you tan!

Spray Tanning Benefits

Many people turn to spray tanning with MineTan to avoid damaging their skin from the sun’s rays. A tan makes the body and face look healthier, and gives you a healthy glow without the process of traumatising your skin and its health under the sun. Spray tans look natural and can be easier to apply than lotions. Spray tanning with MineTan gives the tanner more control on where the colour is directed. If you find yourself wanting a deeper shade of colour, then the act of spray tanning each day in succession will help your skin reaches the colour you’re looking for.

Protect your MineTan glow by moisturising daily and keeping your skin well hydrated. Exfoliate on day 3-5 of your tan, to help the tan fade naturally, ready to tan again for the next week.  A great tan can give you more self-confidence when wearing summer clothes such as shorts, dresses and crop tops that show more skin. Spray tanning also dries quicker than lotions, allowing you to get dressed faster and carry on with the day. Purchasing your own spray tan gun with MineTan will also be economical, in comparison with the cost of regular tanning services at your local salon.

Protect your MineTan glow by minimising your use of scrubs and other potentially harsh products on your face and body. This can make your bronzed colour soon rub off your skin prematurely, meaning you will need to tan more often.