Choosing the MineTan that’s Right for You!

In the same way as the choice of a hair colour or shade of cosmetics can make or break your favourite look, MineTan gives you the way to take your tan and make it your own. MineTan‘s diverse pallet of shades work with your skin tone to enhance the end result of your tan. Our products, inspired by exotic regions from around the globe, allow you to select your preferred shade so you can display your skin at its most polished, vibrant state. We refer to our tone choices as the Colours of the World, in our Colour Base 1-Hour Tans.

Our most popular tanning base colour is our 1-Hour Express Tan. Its olive base works well with all skin types, and its mix of bronzers assures a smooth transition from your everyday colour to the rich tones you can expect from MineTan products. Its streak-free, self-adjusting formula contains multivitamins, moisturisers, and soothing botanicals will suit anyone looking for a natural olive bronze tan, and is suitable for all skin types.

Our Be Brazilian 1-Hour Express Tan formula uses a dark ash brown base with deep black, caramel, and brown bronzers to achieve a unique blend of tones just the like performers of the Carnivale. Its rich botanical formula will leave your skin smooth and soft, with an intense dark colour like no other. This formula is good for those with pale or reddish skin, and uses dark tones to leave a natural, deep brown, all-over tan.

For those who are seeking the look of a European vacationer, our Exotic European 1-Hour formula is ready to deliver. Its blend of natural botanicals, including beetroot and caramel, along with violet and tan bronzers, gives you the depth of colour needed to capture a look of renewed freshness and vitality. This look is great for anyone with already tanned skin, or skin with olive undertones, using red and violet highlights for a warm finish.

For those with skin requiring extra care, our new MineTan’s Moroccan 1-Hour Express Tan launching next month, provides a balance of moisturising formula; our signature 1(HT), with a deep bronze tan that’s sure to impress. It’s capped off with an Argan Oil finisher to leave a deep brown colour that seals in moisture for clear, healthy skin. This formula is ideal for those who need a little extra hydration. The Argan Oil is formulated to leave skin silky smooth with every use.