Catwalk Talk: Our guide to Fashion Terminology

When it comes to understanding Catwalk Talk, there are a number of trendy fashion words that you should know! Therefore, we have put together this handy guide to fashion terminology that has everything you need for attending your next fashion show:

A Yoke is the separated area around the neck of an outfit which is often featured with contrasting colours or styles of fabric. A Yoke shields the section underneath the neck on the front and back of the outfit.

Bonding is a relatively new term that refers to those fabrics that have two contrasting sides of texture and colour. There are no seams visible, so it appears that the two sides have been glued together.

An Epaulet is simply an elegant term for the decorative accessory that appears on the garment’s shoulder. These accessories have been derived from the design of military uniforms where the adornment indicates the rank of the soldier.

Welt/Jet Pocket
Welt and Jet Pockets are pockets on an outfit that provide storage without the need for oversized pockets. The Welt is a bottom pocket with a rectangular shape and the Jet is a top pocket that has two rectangular shapes with an opening that runs through the middle.

Concealed Placket
A Concealed Placket indicates that the buttons on a garment are hidden beneath an extra layer of material when it is fastened. This is a technique normally used on shirts to design a clean cut appearance.

These terms usually apply to coats and refer to the coat’s opening and front flaps. Single-Breasted coats have just one row of buttons that meet at the middle, while Double-Breasted coats utilise two rows of buttons that pull the left front over to the right.

A Vent is a split in an outfit that makes it easier to walk and move around. However, they are sometimes added to a garment simply for aesthetic purposes. Vents are found most often on tailored jackets and skirts.

A Pleat is a technique where rows of fabric are folded in contrasting or similar directions.

Raglan Sleeve
Finally, a Raglan Sleeve is an armhole sleeve that extends into the neck area, which gives the outfit a sporty appearance and relaxes the look of the shoulders.