Blush Tricks You Need to Try

Pairing Blush with Bronzer

While blush serves as the perfect way to highlight cheekbones in the winter and produce a youthful look, bronzer is the summer counterpart! Bronzer can help you achieve that healthy sun kissed look that rules the summer months. The key to pairing blush with bronzer lies in the ability to pick the correct shades for your complexion. The best shades are those that bring out your natural undertone, the colour present under your skin. To see your skin’s undertone, pinch your cheek and look at the resulting colour. Is it more of a warm colour (yellow, green, golden) or cool colour (pink, red, blue)? You can also examine the veins in the back of your wrist. If they appear green, then you have a warm undertone. If they appear blue, then you have a cool undertone. Don’t fall for the misconception that darker skin tones have warm undertones, while lighter skin tones have cool undertones.

For Warm Undertones

For blushes, stick to peachy or even brown shades. Same with bronzers; try shades with gold hues rather than rosy colours, such as the MineTan Perfect Match Bronzers. These MineTan bronzers perfectly adapt to your tan and serves as the ideal contrast to your choice of blush for a fresh, summery look.

For Cool Undertones

Pink or even violet-toned blushes work well for these undertones. As for bronzers, try neutral of pinkish hues. When it comes to neutral bronzers, try MineTan Matte Bronzer for a clean, classic look that will pair well with any of your blushes!


If you have a round face, then using blush and bronzer to highlight your cheekbones is a great idea! However, if you have an angular face, avoid contouring and focus on highlighting your cheeks to prevent your face shape from looking too rigid. Contouring can be especially useful for making wider noses look narrower, but be sure to use a matte finish, such as MineTan’s Matte Bronzer, rather than a shimmery finish for this purpose. A shimmery bronzer will highlight unflattering characteristics of a nose, such as bumps. MineTan