Blonde Bombshell

If you’re thinking of going blonde, here are a few tips on different shades that are past fashions, on trend and some celebrity inspiration. Think about the world’s most famous blondes of the past like Mae West, Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich, Veronica Lake, Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield, Nicole Kidman and the singer Madonna. How famous would Betty Grable’s legs be without her blonde hair? Over the years, blonde hair has been the basic necessity to promote careers of dancer Ginger Rogers, comedienne Eve Arden, Jennifer Aniston, Brittany Spears, Amber Heard and Reese Witherspoon. Note that blonde men like Kevin Costner, Jude Law and Daniel Craig are also recognised for their hair colour.

Different Shades for Blonde Celebrities
In the early 1920s, actress and celebrated beauty, Mae West chose platinum blonde for her iconic shade of blonde, as did Veronica Lake and later Marilyn Monroe. Honey blondes like Jennifer Aniston made this shade a fashion trend. Nicole Kidman’s platinum tresses often vary in shade as her acting roles demand. For example, in her role as Virginia Wolff in the movie, “The Hours,” her usually pale tresses were darkened to a darker shade of blonde to create the appearance of ageing. The actor, Daniel Craig also did the same with his blonde tresses, lighting them for the movie, “Elizabeth I” and returning to his natural shade of blonde for his role in the “James Bond” movies. English actress, Helen Mirren, chooses a champagne blonde shade, while the Australia actress, Cate Blanchett, has often changed from ash blonde to strawberry blonde to a bright, nearly butterscotch blonde shade.

There’s Gold in Blonde Ambition
Women and men the world over know the importance of making a fashion statement that begins with the colour of their hair. For many celebrities, the choice of blonde colour coordinates with other facial features like eye colour and skin tone. The most popular blonde shades today range from champagne gold to blonde that is nearly light brown. For many blondes, creating the natural blonde look is done by highlighting the hair in several blonde shades.