1-Hour Tanning

Mine Spray Tan’s 1-Hour tanning products deliver odourless, long-lasting, streak-free results for a variety of skin types and skin tones. Whether you have naturally dark skin and want to make it even richer and darker or if you have an olive complexion that you’d like to give a rich, golden hue, there’s sure to be a 1-Hour product that’s right for you.

Fast-Acting 1-Hour Tanning

With quadruple-bronzer technology and pH-balanced moisturisers, Fast-Acting 1-Hour tanning is a great option for people who want to quickly, easily and effectively achieve a darker, more attractive look. These sprays couldn’t be easier to use, and they keep working after being rinsed off to produce incredibly deep, natural tones. Thanks to the spray’s special formula, you never have to worry about patchiness. Talk about a win-win situation!

Violet Ash 1-Hour Tanning

This unique blend delivers violet hues for unbeatable depth of colour that replicates olive and European skin tones and ash hues that are derived from a variety of brown bronzers. As with all Mine Spray Tan products, Violet Ash produces natural, streak-free results, and it dries quickly.

Dark Ash 1-Hour Tanning

If you have medium to dark skin and want to achieve a rich, deep, dark tan, Dark Ash 1-Hour tanning spray should be right for you. This unique spray combines black Japanese charcoal hues and dark brown bronzers for an incredibly dark yet vibrant look. Tan-extending bronzers ensure that your tan remains intact for five to 10 days, and a combination of aloe vera, DHA and other special ingredients keep your skin smooth, soft and attractive.

Black 1-Hour Tanning

Mine Spray Tan’s Black 1-Hour tanning spray is suitable for all skin types and skin tones, and it delivers the richest, darkest, most attractive dark tan imaginable. The results are so natural that no one will ever realize that you’ve been using a spray tanning solution. Like other Mine Spray Tan products, Black 1-Hour Tanning spray continues to deepen and darken even after it’s been rinsed off, so you’re certain to enjoy long-lasting results.

Onyx 1-Hour Tanning

Onyx 1-Hour Tanning spray is best suited for medium and dark skin. As the name implies, it produces an incredibly rich, dark, deep tan that is reminiscent of long, leisurely days on the beach. Despite delivering the darkest results possible, this spray tanning solution looks completely natural, so you can step out the door in confidence and continue enjoying gorgeous, dark skin for five to 10 full days.