January 21, 2015

Your Tan Questions Answered

At Mine Tan, we receive a vast amount of questions about our products. These are a few of the most popular questions we see on a regular basis.

1. How safe is spray tanning? Because the solution used in spray tan isn’t absorbed by the skin, only the top layer of skin cells are affected by it. It isn’t toxic to the body, and it is much more safe than traditional tanning methods which can lead to premature aging, burns, and skin cancer. We often encourage our customers to always perform a patch test before using our product to ensure the skin isn’t sensitive to the ingredients.

2. How does spray tanning work? The spray tan is one of the most popular products in the beauty industry. The tanning solution darkens the skin similarly to the way it darkens when exposed to the sun. However, spray tanning produces a sun-kissed appearance without risk of cancer or skin conditions. In essence, spray tanning solution consists of DHA (or Dihydroxyacetone). When this ingredient touches the skin, it works with surrounding air and the skin’s amino acids to produce a golden brown tone on the skin.

3. What causes a spray tan to fade? Every few days, the body goes through a process where it naturally regenerates its skin cells. While this is natural and beneficial for your health, it is also what causes a spray tan to eventually fade. The spray tan initially colors the skin, but as time goes on, the regeneration of skin cells will cause the color of the tan to fade. This is the same reason that traditional tans fade.

4. How long will a spray tan last? How long a spray tan lasts will depend heavily on how well you care for it. Generally, a spray tan begins to fade after roughly a week. This is because the skin takes around a week to begin regenerating its skin cells. This process cannot be biologically stopped, but it can be controlled and slowed down with frequent use of moisturizers. Moisturizers help with keeping the skin hydrated, and it will assist in the prevention of skin cells flaking off.

5. What can I do to make my tan last longer? Moisturizing is what will make your tan last as long as possible. Use a moisturizer every day to ensure a longer tan. If you can, apply the moisturizer just after a shower to lock in water nutrients for longer.



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