September 10, 2015

Your Guide to Racing Season Beauty Prep

If you’re headed to the horse races, you want to look amazing from start to finish. This is the time to pull out all of the stops and make yourself look your best. Begin with a Minetan spray tan to give you that flawless, bronze glow that will make you look like you have been kissed by the sun. It’s time to step up your beauty regimen as you prepare to step out for the season and dazzle others at every event.

Give Your Skin Some Extra Love and Care
You want your skin to be glowing when you appear at the races. Go to a spa or use products at home that will give you a peel that contains AHA. The end result will be deep exfoliation. Your skin will no longer be dull and you’ll remedy any dryness as well, preparing the canvas for makeup application that will really make you shine.

Give Your Spray Tan a Little Time
Be sure to get your Minetan spray tan a few days before it’s time to head to the track so that it will look natural. Take care to avoid getting a tan that is too dark, especially if you are pale. Otherwise, it will be obvious that it’s fake. When you choose to go with a lighter tan, you’ll look like you found some time to get out in the sun without doing damage.

Don’t Wash Your Hair the Day of the Race
It might go against the grain, but you need to wash your hair the night before your event. You’ll find that it will look better and be easier to style the next day. The morning of the race, play with mousse, a texture spray, and something that will protect it from the heat before you turn on the hair dryer. Let it cool completely, add dry shampoo to give it a boost at the roots, and top off your hair with a hairspray that is light. You don’t want to way it down.

Apply Makeup with Perfection
It’s the morning of the race, you’re tan, and you’ve done your hair. Time to do your makeup. Always start out with protection from the sun and a good moisturizer. Add primer next to provide your makeup with a base that ensures it will last throughout the day. Use foundation next and find a lipstick that won’t fade, such as a stain. Complete your efforts with an outfit that is irresistible. With your Minetan spray tan to complement anything you wear, you will be outshining the competition as the horses pound their way around the track. You might get a few hearts racing as well.



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