May 22, 2014

How to Work Your Face Back to Your Tanned Body

Your go-to bronzer looks flawless when dusted all over your body, but when applied above the shoulders, the same product suddenly ages you by at least a decade. How can a colour that looks so stunning on your body go so wrong on your face? While some self tanning tips give the okay to using body bronzers for a head-to-toe tan, it takes an expert hand to pull it off. Because the skin on your neck and face is so delicate, dark body tanners make it difficult to get coverage that doesn’t look harsh and heavy-handed. Adding to that, the instant aging effect happens when bronzers sink into the skin’s natural dents, magnifying pores, fine lines and wrinkles.

Knowing the above, should you go against the fake tan tips that tell you to use a single product for both face and body? Unless you’re a professional makeup artist, we think taking your face bronzer a few shades lighter is the smarter way to tan. With the rest of your body dipped in a gorgeous gold, leaving your face naked isn’t an option, but just a touch of a sun-kissed glow above the shoulders balances out the darker skin below without making you look like you just stepped out of a cheap tanning booth.

Self Tanning Tips for Bronzing the Face

1. Go two shades below your body tan. Out of all the fake tan tips that we’re sharing here, going light is one of the most effective for avoiding the dreaded masked look. While darker bronze ages the skin and makes it look unnatural, a lighter tone in the same colour family brightens the complexion and hides imperfections.

2. Keep your complexion healthy. Tanner creates visible patches by clinging to dry spots, so you want to make sure that your face is clean and hydrated before getting started. For silky smooth skin around the clock, turn to gentle foaming cleansers, rich daily moisturisers and rejuvenating night creams.

3. Tan your body first. Building your body tan before bronzing your face makes it easier to keep your colour natural all over. To match your complexion to the rest of your body, you can fake it with bronzers and foundation or get a subtle tan with a gradual tanning lotion. When you need a quick fix on a budget, mix a few drops of your regular tanner with a basic body moisturiser to create your own gradual tanning lotion.

Fake Tan Tips for Styling Your Look

Going to a fabulous event? Reach for skin illuminators and powder bronzers to take your face tan to the next level. For self tanning tips on how to accentuate your faux colour without going overboard, find inspiration in the red carpet’s hot retro-glam trend. To recreate the Hollywood-inspired look at home, gently glide a shimmer-based illuminator along your cheekbones, décolletage and down the bridge of your nose. For the perfect finishing touch, fill in the blanks with a matte powder bronzer in a neutral hue.



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