September 7, 2015

Why You Should Never Exercise With Makeup On

You may have heard wearing makeup while working out isn’t the best idea, but you may not be sure why that is the case. Here, learn several specific reasons why you should never exercise while wearing makeup.

Makeup Clogs Pores

Under normal conditions, caking on foundation, powder, blush and other products can clog pores. When you work out with makeup on, the problem is compounded. This is because pores naturally open when you begin to sweat, as commonly happens when working out. When your pores open and you’re wearing heavy makeup, some of the makeup gets into your pores and may become trapped there once your pores close again. This is a recipe for breakouts, blackheads and big, honking zits.

Don’t Suffocate Your Skin

If you’re wearing makeup during exercise, you are potentially blocking the ability of your skin to breathe freely and release toxins via sweat. Your body sweats to help your body clean itself out naturally – hence the opening of your pores when you exercise – and makeup may hinder your body’s ability to perform this important process.

Runny Mascara And Sticky Foundation Is Distracting

When you’re hitting the gym, the last thing you should be worried about is your makeup staying in place! Eye makeup can sting and burn if sweat causes it to run into your eyes, which may cause you to lose focus in an environment where it is essential to your safety and your productivity to stay on track. If you think you need makeup to work out because you want to look nice for cute gym guys, keep in mind that fresh-faced and natural is always preferable to looking like your entire face is melting.

You Won’t Need It Anyway

Working out flushes your face and gives you a natural glow more lovely than any bronzer or blush. Increased blood circulation during exercise should help provide you with a healthy boost to your skin tone, no makeup brushes required.

If Makeup Is A Must

If you feel naked without any makeup on at all, at least use a lighter touch. Save the foundation, smoky eye and lipstick for your evening look and instead, apply a bright lip gloss and a single coat of waterproof mascara. This will freshen up your look without weighing you down in the gym or leaving you prone to post-workout pimples.

Outdoor Workouts Require SPF Protection

If you’ll be going for a jog or meeting friends for yoga in the park, be sure to use sunblock or a daily moisturizer with sweat-proof sunscreen built in to protect yourself from sun damage.



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