December 29, 2014

When should I tan for New Years?

Everyone wants to look their best for that special New Years Eve party. Getting a beautiful spray tan before a New Years event is a great way to have a beautiful glow for that sexy holiday dress. Many people want to know when would be the best time to get their spray tan. Here are some tips to help you decide when you should tan for New Years.

Get your skin ready ahead of time

Be sure to have your skin prepped and ready ahead of time the day before your spray tan. Any waxing or shaving should be done prior to the tan, not after. Exfoliate your skin and have it prepped so your tan goes on smooth fresh skin and leaves you with an even, natural-looking tan all over.

Best days to tan

If you are wearing a light colored dress, the best day to tan is two days before New Years. If you are going to wear a darker colored dress, then tanning the day before is is better to really show that color. A spray tan can last about a week or more depending on how much you moisturize your skin and if you use a tan gel or bronzer to boost your tan and extend its color.

For those with busy schedules

The holiday season is so busy for all of us. Sometimes squeezing in a spray tan is just not an option a day or two before New Years. For those people who are booked that hectic week, the soonest they can schedule a spray tan is five days before New Years. Be sure to moisturize as much as possible after your spray tan drys. Moisturising is the key to keeping that glowing tan to last for days.

For optimum results, your best day to tan is two days before New Years. This gives you plenty of time to shower, feel and smell refreshed and have your tan set its color. Your tan will be the darkest color after two days of getting sprayed. Be sure to wait at least 4-6 hours after a spray tan to shower and only shower using a shower gel, no loofah or sponge. These tanning tips should help your skin look beautiful and radiant for that New Years event.

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