July 31, 2015

What Eye Shadow Colour is Right for You?

When you’re in the mood to dazzle and want to make the most of your features, you need to choose makeup that will complement your complexion and hair. The same holds true with your eyes. As you choose eye shadow, be selective. Find the hue that will really bring out the wonder of your eyes. Once you have discovered your best colours, you can play around as you switch outfits, accents, and jewelry.

Where to Begin
Always begin with the colour of your eyes. You may want to make sure that your eye shadow corresponds with your outfit, but there are some hues that you should stay away from when considering your natural features. You don’t want to choose a shade that clashes with your eyes or drowns them out. As a general rule, less is more. Apply a light coat of shadow. You can always apply more if needed. Be subtle for the most attractive results.

What to Do for Baby Blues
If you have blue eyes, steer clear of blue eye shadow. It will have an overpowering effect and detract from the beauty of those lovely pools of sapphire. Your best bet is to go with earthy hues, such as gray, taupe, or browns. You can always opt for rose if that shade appeals to you. If you have flecks of gold or brown, try an eye shadow that will pick up on that splash of colour in your eyes. Experiment with what goes best with your clothing for the day and make your eyes truly pop.

Which Way to Go with Brown Eyes
If you have been fortunate enough to be blessed with brown eyes, you can be versatile when selecting your eye shadow. Pink and green will have a dramatic effect, drawing out the colour of your eyes. You can also go with blue or lean toward gold hues to pick up the sparkles in your gaze. If you want to pull off shades of brown, choose lighter shades for the desired effect.

What About Green or Hazel?
If you find yourself graced with green or hazel eyes, think purple, taupe, or gold. Earthy tones, especially mocha, will give you a natural look. Play with your eye shadow to find the colours that really work for you. Begin with the ideal compliment for your eyes, then work with what you are wearing. As you explore you will truly enhance your features.

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