May 22, 2014

Self-Tanner Removal Tips

Now that we know the dangers of baking in the sun, most of us are making the smart choice to take our tanning indoors with sunless tanning solutions. From deep bronze tones in the summer to subtle caramel highlights in the winter, creating the perfect colour for any season is always just a few steps away, but what if that beautiful bronze you had in mind when you started turns into a patchy orange mess? Even if you followed the label’s fake tan tips to a tee, tanning disasters can happen. Your skin’s pH levels, chemical composition and a less-than-perfect application are all examples of common culprits behind tanning blunders, but a few missed spots and patches aren’t a cause for concern. Before you start stressing out, follow the true-and-tried self tanning tips below to go from a striped kitten to a bronze bombshell.

Self Tanning Tips for Damage Control

1. Get to work.

When it comes to reversing tanning mistakes, time isn’t on your side. The longer you wait, the tougher it will be to blend those streaks together for even coverage. One of the most important fake tan tips you need to remember is that while tanning solutions take time to develop, colour starts setting in the moment your application is done. It’s always easier to fix mistakes before the tanning solution is fully absorbed into your skin. If you spot streaks, cover the missed lines with a tinted mousse or bronzing lotion.

2. Scrub away your colour to even it out and make visible imperfections less obvious.

Catching mistakes early is a great idea, but what if you wake up to streaky skin after leaving your tanner on overnight? To spot reduce patches, use a salt-based cleanser to exfoliate the problem areas in a hot shower. For especially bad tanning jobs, scrub your entire body to return back to your natural skin tone.

3. Check your kitchen pantry for lemon juice.

Because of its acidic base, lemon juice can instantly lighten dark spots and lines. If lemon juice isn’t on hand, try squeezing a fresh lemon directly on your skin. For maximum absorption, work the juice into your skin with a cotton pad.

4. Stock up on tan removers.

Professional tan removers are a little pricey, but they work well and one small bottle will last you through multiple tanning mishaps.

Fake Tan Tips for Creating Flawless Colour

  • While the self tanning tips above can help you fix mistakes fast, these fake tan tips can help prevent them in the first place:
  • Go pro with a tanning mitt. Beauty experts love tanning mitts because they make it easy to blend, get even coverage and touch up hard-to-reach areas.
  • Exfoliate before tanning. Exfoliating prevents patches and streaks by turning your body into a perfectly polished, clean canvas.
  • Keep your tan natural by applying blending cream or moisturiser to areas where the sun doesn’t hit your skin. Dark colour on your palms, elbows, hairline and in between your toes is a dead giveaway that you’re faking it.



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