September 27, 2013

Which Type of Tanning Solution is Right for You?

While in the past self-tanning products were limited to a few brands, today store and salon shelves are lined with hundreds of tanners in a variety of formulas, ingredients, colours and prices. The good news is that now it is possible to find tanning solutions for any skin type and style, but where do you start looking for your perfect match? With so many different choices at your fingertips, narrowing your options down to a single product can feel like an impossible task. Learning more about the differences in common tanning solutions and how they work can help you find your favourite products faster.

1. Techno Tan Tanners

Tanning products from Techno Tan are infused with instant bronzers, so they can be used to achieve a deep tan within a few minutes. Because Techno Tan’s formulas are specifically designed for creating dark colour in a single application, you should only use them when you want dramatic results.

2. Gradual Tanning Lotions

Gradual tanners are formulated to produce subtle results, so they work best for creating a natural-looking colour in the winter or darkening a base tan in the summer. Most high-quality gradual tanning solutions also act as moisturisers, so they can be used as part of a healthy skin-care routine. To avoid going too dark, limit your gradual tanner applications to every other day after you achieve your desired colour. You can also use a gradual tanner at any time to revive a fading spray tan or fill in visible streaks and patches.

3. Healthy Tanning Solutions

Many salon-quality spray tans and lotions are now made with ingredients that improve the skin’s health and texture. For silky smooth skin, try an anti-aging tanner with antioxidants and fruit extracts. If you are worried about chemicals in tanning products or have sensitive skin, go with an all-natural formula. Since an eco-friendly label does not necessarily mean the product has all-natural ingredients, make sure that you choose a pure organic formula that does not contain fragrances or any other additives. Mine Tan offers one of the best pure organic tanners available in today’s market.

3. Mine Tan Colour Base Tans

The new range of deep base tans from Mine Tan is unique because its signature products are designed to replicate different types of beautiful skin tones found around the world. Inspired by exotic regions and iconic beaches, the colour base collection celebrates diversity with a wide variety of equally gorgeous shades that can be worn alone or mixed and matched together. From violet-based tans that mimic the famous European sun to the darkest Brazilian bronzers, colour base tans are the go-to solution for all skin tones, styles and occasions.



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