October 17, 2013

Tips for a Flawless At-Home Tan

Despite the common perception that salons do it better, a DIY home spray tan does not necessarily mean inferior results. With so many amazing sunless tanning products at your fingertips, you can recreate salon-quality results at home if you have the time to practice and are willing to learn the important do-it-yourself basics. For a smooth beginning, stock up on Mine Tan’s Play tanning solution. Designed specifically for beginners who want to perfect their application technique, Play is an instant bronzer that looks and feels like a real spray tan, but only lasts until your next shower. Because it requires absolutely no commitment, Play is the ideal product for practicing tanning at home with confidence.

Learning How to Do a Flawless Home Spray Tan

  • Take good care of your skin. Clean, well-hydrated skin looks healthy and makes the best surface for self-tanning products. Tanning agents work within the top layers of the skin, so you need to remove dead skin cells and dirt before you can get a beautiful home spray tan. To keep your body perfectly primed, exfoliate your skin two to three times a week and use daily moisturisers.
  • Experiment with different formulas. Because everyone’s skin is different, the toughest part about tanning at home is finding the best tanning solution for your skin type and lifestyle. After you are comfortable with Mine Tan’s temporary Play solution, you can move on to trying permanent and semi-permanent bronzers. Keep in mind that permanent colour just means that your tan can potentially last for up to a week. Semi-permanent tanners contain less DHA, the chemical responsible for creating faux tans, and can last between 24 hours and three days.
  • Find your colour. Another important step in learning how to create a flawless home spray tan is narrowing down your colour options to the shade that best matches your unique complexion. If you are using a DHA-free formula like Mine Tan’s Play, you can go for a deep tan without worrying about the darkness of your colour since it can be washed right off if you are not happy. For that reason, it is always a good idea to start with lighter formulas when you feel like you are ready to move on to DHA-based tanners for longer-lasting results.
  • Become a pro at fixing common self-tanning issues. Mistakes happen both at home and at the salon, and they are sometimes unavoidable. Fortunately, fixing a messy home spray tan is easier than you think. You can strip a bad tan with exfoliating gloves and a strong body scrub. If streaks and patches are the problem, even out your colour with gradual tanning lotions and bronzing powders.



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