March 15, 2015

The Best Tan For… Blondes

Everyone is familiar with the blonde bombshell look. However, many people aren’t aware of how much the perfect tan can contributes to the overall aesthetics of blondes. Here at Minetan, we want to bring out your inner blonde bombshell by helping you pick the best tan to go with your golden locks.

Picking the right tanning products as a blonde can be a challenge. Naturally, many blondes have fair skin that can leave them looking washed out when combined with their light hair. On the other hand, if you pick tanning products of too deep a shade, the results can look very unnatural. Therefore, the proper tanning shade for blondes depends on skin tone and the shade of your hair.

Pale Complexion Blondes:

If your skin is very pale, freckled, and burns easily, and your hair is or almost platinum blonde, you fit into this category. Very pale and fair blondes often do best with a light to moderate tan such as Minetan’s tanning products from the black tan line. In order to keep the tan from becoming too dark, make sure to follow the directions for the self tanners and bronzers and to wash it off at the right time. Ensuring your tan isn’t too deep will keep it looking natural and help bring out your eyes and beautiful hair.

Medium Complexion Blondes:

If you’re still fairly light skinned, have blue or green eyes, and can develop a natural tan given a week, you fit into this category. At a medium complexion such as this, you can still look great with a slightly darker and more brown tan such as that produced by Minetan’s black foam line of tanning products.

Dark Complexion Blondes:

If you have fairly dark or olive skin that tolerates the sun well, you fall under this category. You can wear darker tanning products such as those from Minetan’s onyx foam line.

Overall, finding the best tan as a blonde is about balance. The darker the tan, the more contrast it creates with your eyes and hair that can really make them stand out and contribute to that beach bombshell look. However, a tan that is too dark will look unflattering and unnatural. These guidelines will help you to utilise Minetan’s self tanning products in order to create a beautiful tan. It’s true. Blondes really do have the most fun.



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