April 30, 2014

Tanning Tips for the Cooler Months

As we say goodbye to tiny beach bikinis and pretty summer dresses, it’s time to reassess our go-to tanning and skin-care rules. The good news is that just because the temperatures outside are getting cooler doesn’t mean that you have to part with your skin’s sun-kissed summer glow. From spray tans to gradual tanning lotions, today’s best fake tan products make it easy to maintain your colour all year long. Your skin however does need a little extra nourishment to stay healthy through the colder months of the year. Below, we share some of the best tips for giving your summer beauty routine a winter-ready makeover.

1. Switch to a thicker moisturiser. Low temperatures, cold winds and winter storms can leave your skin irritated and dried out. Since most lightweight lotions are too weak to fight against the harsh winter weather, it’s time to trade in your summer staple for a thicker lotion with 24-hour moisture protection. Look for formulas that are high in antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients to give your skin the care it needs to stay silky smooth in any weather.

2. Wear sunscreen. While the sun doesn’t feel as strong after summer is over, you still need to wear a high-SPF sunscreen to protect your complexion from aging, skin cancer and discolouration. When you feel that layering clothing already takes up too much of your busy morning schedule, save time by using foundation that comes with built-in SPF coverage. Keep in mind that even the best fake tan products rarely offer sun protection. If you use tanners on a regular basis, you still need to apply sunscreen to prevent long-term damage.

3. Go lighter. While a deep tan looks amazing in the hot summer months, it’s time to cut back on your colour’s intensity once colder temperatures make a comeback. For the best fake tan that looks natural during autumn and winter, take your base skin tone one shade darker.

4. Get the best fake tan and protect your skin from damage with hydrating tanning formulas. Your skin needs as much moisture as it can get to stay healthy through the cooler months, so why not use a tanning solution that combines gentle tanning agents with hydrating ingredients? Designed specifically for the different seasons, Mine Tan’s formula is one of the best fake tan products on the market for cold-weather tanning and skin care. The innovative spray tan delivers light, natural-looking colour while nurturing dry winter skin with rich moisturisers.

5. Maintain your ideal winter colour with gradual tanners. After learning how to create the best fake tan for this year’s colder seasons, use gradual tanning lotions to double the lifespan of every application. Made with less DHA than standard tanning solutions, gradual tanners create subtle results that can be layered for deeper colour over time. Since most gradual tanners also double as daily body lotions, they make the perfect accessory for a healthy winter skin-care plan.

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