May 1, 2014

Tanning Secrets of the Stars

Many of the bronzed beauties that we spy on the red carpet and on the covers of fashion magazines get their golden-brown colour with faux tanners. Paris Hilton takes her naturally pale skin to a golden-brown tan with her own airbrush tanning machine. Anna Paquin and Denise Richards swear by spray tans. With so many quality new products available at your fingertips, you too can get the same look at home for a fraction of the cost of celebrity skin care. From keeping skin healthy to choosing the best self tanning lotion, below are all of the tips you need to know to create a Hollywood-inspired tan on any budget.

Pick Your Perfect Colour Match

One of the reasons why celebrities always look flawless is because they only choose colours that flatter their natural skin tones. While it’s true that stars have amazing stylists, settling on the right colour depth at home is easier than you think. Almost every self tanning lotion now comes with a convenient colour guide that makes it simple to find the right shade for any occasion. If you want to try a professional spray tan, you can always ask the salon technician to adjust the house formula to fit your your unique complexion. When deciding between two shades, the general guideline to follow is to go lighter. You can instantly darken your tan later with skin illuminators and powder bronzers.

Follow Care Advice from the Stars

It doesn’t matter if you splurge on the best self tanning lotion money can buy if your skin isn’t healthy. Celebrities stock their beauty cabinets with organic skin products, rich moisturisers and rejuvenating treatments. You can get the same results at home with affordable nutrient-rich lotions and gentle cleansers. To turn your skin into the ideal base for any self tanning lotion, remember to exfoliate your entire body twice a week and always the day before the application.

Never Tan in Sunlight

Even the biggest Hollywood starlets worry about aging too early, which is why they always opt for safer sunless tanners. If you’re still tanning outdoors or using ultraviolet beds, now is a great time to stop. The top tanning products in the beauty industry deliver natural-looking results that last, and most are readily available for purchase online. Making the switch to a self tanning lotion today can save your skin from premature aging, hyperpigmentation and skin cancer.

Avoid Cheap Products

While you don’t need to break your bank account to get a celebrity-style tan at home, don’t buy the cheapest formulas you can find. Low-grade tanning solutions can turn your skin orange, and many contain harmful chemicals that can cause dryness, irritation and allergic reactions. If you’re on a tight budget, look for the best self tanning lotion in your price range. Lotions are generally cheaper than spray tans, and they last through more applications.



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