February 16, 2015

Tanning With Freckles

Everyone wants to achieve a radiant glow that has a soft natural bronzed look no matter how pale or dark your skin tone is. Some, however, may have qualities to their skin type that will need to be considered in order to achieve the long lasting natural appearance of the sun’s touch. Covering freckles may be one of the main concerns for those that have a pale to medium colour to their skin tone. Freckles may darken and multiple with exposure to the natural sunlight so those with fair skin and freckles are better off to stay away from extended exposure to the sun. Fortunately, sunless tanners can help blend and diminish the look of the freckles to give you the radiant look of that a natural sun tan can give you but without the end result being more or darker freckles.

When using a sunless product the goal is to achieve the same look as if you have been enjoying a sandy beach sunbathing for days and choosing the right product for your skin’s special qualities is all it takes to successfully reach that goal. MineTan has several options that will make the process easy and successful.

MineTan’s Colours of the World can be used to create the exotic colour you want to obtain. This product is fast drying and allows you the flexibility to apply it and get on with the rest of your day without worries of stains on your any of your precious fabrics. The 3 in 1 Gradual Tan is moisturising with Aloe Vera and Shea Butter while it gradually builds and protects the exceptional golden colour that you will admire and love. This product can be used daily to add colour to your sunless tan or to use as an after sun product to enhance your skin’s colour after a day in the sun. Professional Spray Tan Mists are fast drying, long lasting and have beautiful end results. This product has the combination of natural ingredients and nutrient botanicals that will feed your skin to bring out its natural beauty.

All of the MineTan products have the added benefits of being a professional salon formula that will work wonders for all skin types and in addition these products do not have the usual fake tan smell to them which many do. MineTan’s products can easily help you to successfully create and maintain a glowing healthy sun kissed look even if you have freckles that you want to hide away.



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