May 16, 2014

Tanning for your Wedding Day

If you’re shopping for a picture-perfect wedding tan, don’t assume that a professional spray tan is your safest bet. While a spray tan can look amazing when it’s done just right by an experienced airbrush technician, it’s a risky choice for the most important day of your life. We’ve all seen the hallmarks of bad spray tans: orange palms, stained clothes and tiger-like stripes. When a botched spray tan meets the seams of a white wedding gown, it can turn a dream day into a nightmare. Not to mention that going too dark can take away from your natural beauty and create too much of a contrast between you and the groom.

While many brides-to-be swear by spray tans, we think a do-it-yourself gradual tan is the best way to avoid last-minute tanning disasters. Below, we share a complete guide for using gradual self tanning products to build a flawless tan just in time for your big day.

The Basics

Because gradual self tanning products are made with a much smaller percentage of DHA than spray tans, they’re used for creating subtle colour with just a hint of gold undertones. While results from a spray tan are always a little unpredictable, gradual tanning makes it easy to achieve your ideal colour by layering multiple applications over time.

Must-Have Products

Exfoliating cleanser – While exfoliating too frequently can take off too much colour, scrubbing your skin once a week will keep it primed for future applications.

High-end gradual tanner – Your wedding will always be one of the most special days of your life, so don’t feel guilty splurging on the best gradual tanner you can find.

Rich moisturiser – To prevent earlier applications from fading and causing visible patches at the top, invest in a hydrating body lotion that can protect your skin from dryness, irritation and cracking.

Tips for Using Gradual Self Tanning Products for a Gorgeous Wedding Tan

1. Start a few months early. Remember that gradual tanners take time to work, so you want to give yourself plenty of time to play with different formulas, try new shades and learn the ins and outs of application.

2. Turn your bathroom into a tanning lab. While you shouldn’t waste your time on generic formulas, premium brands make a wide range of gradual self tanning products that you can test to find your perfect match. For professional-quality results, be sure to add Mine Tan’s Bridal Tanner to your collection. The at-home bridal tanning range offers must-have accessories for even coverage and innovative formulas that adjust to the natural skin tone.

3. Take notes. Since you’ll be tanning with several unique formulas, keeping track of longevity, shade, coverage and quality will make it easier to make your final pick later.

4. Snap pictures as you go. Wedding photos are forever, so you want to look your absolute best in every shot. To avoid falling victim to your mirror’s lighting tricks, have a friend take trial pictures outside after you’re done testing a new product.



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