February 12, 2015

Tanning Touch-Ups

If you’re tired of seeing your spray tan go so soon, it might be high time to learn how to prolong the life of your tan. These are simple tips for keeping your tan around for longer.

Avoid excessive water and soap

When you use water and soap frequently on your skin, it can cause a tan to fade quickly. You’ll notice that your tan fades more quickly if you spend more time in water.

Use a touch-up product

At Mine Tan, there are many different products available for touching up your tan and preventing fading. In between treatments when your skin becomes patchy, sunless tanners by Mine Tan are the perfect “band-aid” products.

Many products found on Mine Tan, such as creams, foams, and mists are perfect for keeping a tan around longer. Mists, such as the Black Tanning Mist, can be sprayed onto the skin and the formula designed to quickly dry can easily patch up hands, feet, or other places where the tan has begun to fade.

If you’re planning on touching your face up, it’s highly advised that you don’t spray the product directly onto your face. A tanning mitt is recommended to avoid mistakes and keep your eyes, nose, and mouth safe. After spraying the solution onto the mitt, dab the skin with it. Avoid touching the mitt to the mouth or eyes, and be extremely gentle. You can always go back later and touch up again if the final result is too fair for your liking. Be sure to wash off any makeup before applying a touch-up product. This will ensure a more even and smooth finish.

Keep in mind that your skin won’t take on a sun-kissed, caramel appearance until eight hours have passed after an application. However, you will notice an instant glow immediately after you apply the solution. Combine the self tanner with aloe vera to guarantee an incredibly soft and touchable finish.

Don’t forget you can re-apply your self tanner!

If you’ve finished applying the self tanner to your skin and you feel its too light, you can always re-apply it to get a darker tone. You can essentially customize your tan to your heart’s content all from the comfort of your home. Make sure your bathroom cabinet doesn’t go without Mine Tan self tanner any longer. It’s the perfect solution for in between spray tanning sessions!



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