June 20, 2014

Your Self Tanning FAQs Answered

If you’re considering taking the faster and safer route to sun-kissed skin, keep reading. From going over skin preparation to sharing insider self tanning tips for avoiding mistakes, we’re answering the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about sunless tanning to help you take your skills from casual to professional in time for the next application.

How Does Sunless Tanning Work?

Dihydroxyacetone, or DHA, is the main building block of spray tanning products and bronzing lotions. Naturally derived from sugar cane, it creates colour when it comes in contact with the amino acids found in your skin’s surface cells.

Is Tanning Safe?

While tanners can cause allergies and minor irritation in sensitive skin types, side effects are rare. Compared to UV rays, which are linked to a host of adverse reactions that range from faster aging to skin cancer, sunless tanning is healthier and more effective.

Is Spray Tanning Right for Me?

For creating the best fake tan in one application, professional spray tanning can’t be beat. Automated technology makes the application process a breeze, and you can mix and match spray tanning products for a custom colour that flatters your unique complexion.

Who Shouldn’t Spray Tan?

Because inhaling chemicals is always a risk, talk to your doctor if you have respiratory problems or are pregnant. To minimise exposure, ask your salon technician for a disposable mask and nose plugs.

What Self Tanning Tips Do I Need to Know to Get Ready?

To get the best fake tan, exfoliate and shave the day before your session. Starting with a perfectly polished base is a must for streak-free coverage and long-lasting colour.

Will My Skin Turn Orange?

The general rule to follow for avoiding the dreaded orange tint is to only use high-end brands. Mine Tan’s solutions are made with premium ingredients that fight against discolouration, so you can look forward to a beautiful bronze finish.

Will Spray Tanning Products Ruin My Clothes?

Because staining can happen when your colour is still fresh, be sure to show up for your appointment in dark, loose-fitting fabrics.

How Soon After Tanning Can I Shower?

Some self tanning tips say six hours is enough, but we think overnight is ideal. While most lotions and spray tanning products start showing colour within a couple of hours, DHA solutions can take up to 16 hours to fully develop. When you do shower, avoid using harsh soaps and exfoliators.

How Long Does Faux Colour Last?

After getting the best fake tan of your life, chances are that making it last is at the top of your wish list. With little care, good tanners fade in about five days. To double that number, stock your beauty cabinet with moisturisers, tan enhancers and bronzers.



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