November 7, 2014

Tanning After Waxing: Dos and Don’ts

We understand the struggle of ensuring you’ve removed all traces of hair prior to fake tanning… sometimes the timing just isn’t on your side! Whether getting a spray tan or applying your own self tan, to avoid risking an uneven tan or tan build up in your pores after a waxing session, we’ve got a little list of dos and don’ts to help you ensure your tan is absolutely perfect every time.

Before tanning

Were you planning to tan soon after waxing your legs or another part of your body? That would be a tanning do. Waxing your body before tanning is a great way to exfoliate your skin which is an extremely important step to take to do before getting a tan. Why is this? Because tanning solution sticks much better to skin that’s been exfoliated than not. By getting a wax you are killing two birds with one stone – taking care of the exfoliation process as well as ridding yourself of unwanted body hair. Basically, you will be getting a longer lasting and more striking tan by exfoliating first.

However, applying a tanning product the same day as waxing is a serious don’t. You will want to give your skin at least 24 hours to recover from being waxed before having your tan done to avoid an uneven look. Firstly, waxing opens up your pores in the process of hair removal and open pores is a big no-no for tanning products as they are known to build up in your pores, leaving noticeable dark dots all over – gross, right? Secondly, giving you skin time to bounce back from bumps and irritation without waiting long enough that the exfoliation has worn off will allow you to get the perfectly even and totally bronzed look you crave and avoids further irritating your skin. When you get a tan directly after waxing, say in the same appointment time, you will end up with a tan that looks a bit patchy and uneven – far from ideal. In other words, just don’t do it!

No matter what you do, you will want to be sure that your skin is exfoliated before getting that tan done. If you aren’t planning to get a wax shortly before your tanning session, there are a couple of other ways to get that exfoliation done. One method is scrubbing with a body sponge or brush in the bath. This removes dead skin cells and exposes the freshest skin cells which tanning color sticks to the easiest and the longest. A wash cloth or exfoliating body wash will also do the trick – be sure to look at the bottle and check to make sure that you’re getting one with exfoliating beads. Read more about our tips for exfoliating before a self tan here. However, the easiest method is simply to schedule your waxing appointment within a day of your tanning appointment to get the most out of your for the littlest amount of effort and stress.

Vacation tan

After tanning

Once you’ve applied your tanning product and you’re all bronzed up and glowing, you want to make sure you don’t lose it too quickly! Waxing after tanning will mean you will lose your tan quicker, unfortunately – that’s why waxing before tanning is key! Every time you remove hair following a tan, you lose a bit more color due to the hair removal method stripping away some of your dead skin cells with the hair so try to avoid removing hair after tanning and wait until before your next tanning session as detailed above.

If you have to remove hair even though your tan is in its prime, not to worry – applying a gradual tan moisturiser will ensure your tan lasts as best it can as well as gradually topping up the color over time. For best results, use daily following your original tanning session!

Not much of a waxer? Check out more of our hair removal & self tan tips here instead.



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