September 23, 2014

Tan Removal: Now What?

Now that you have a beautiful tan, it’s time to make sure you keep it on. Some everyday activities could cause your new tan to fade, so you you need to learn how to avoid them. After all, you want your tan to last as long as possible!

The First Day
On the day you get your tan, you will need to avoid several activities so your tan can develop correctly. Taking part in any of these activities can result in uneven tanning or lines.

Stay out of the shower for the first 6 to 8 hours after your get your tan. Try to avoid sweating as much as possible. Both of these can lead to the above results. Your family or roommate won’t like this, but you’re going to have to avoid cleaning house during this time period. If you begin to sweat, it could ruin your tan.

At night, before going to bed, spread a dark-colored sheet over your regular bed sheet. Cover your pillowcase with a dark-colored pillowcase. You want to prevent the tanning bronzer from staining your sheets.

Gentle Exfoliation
By the next day, you should be able to shower, but make sure the water doesn’t get too hot. Use a moisturising shower gel and bath sponge to clean yourself. You will notice some tanning colour washing down the shower drain – don’t worry! This is normal.

Exfoliate your skin using a gentle exfoliating agent. Try to avoid shaving your legs until your tan has completely set. When you get out of the shower, pat your skin dry instead of rubbing it. Rubbing means you’re rubbing the tan on the surface of your skin away.

Mild Moisturisers
Buy a tan-extending lotion and gently massage this into your skin at night. Continue to moisturise your skin using a gentle skin moisturiser. This will keep your skin soft and smooth, which allows your tan to last longer. Be sure to moisturise your skin, on all areas of your body, twice a day.

Products to Avoid
Several skin and first aid products have been found to reduce the amount of time your tan will last. Avoid bar soaps, shaving and hair removal creams. These will dry your skin out, which shortens the life of your tan.

Stay away from pore strips that remove blackheads from your skin. Adhesive bandages and face masks can also harm the life of your tan. The adhesives and the ingredients in face masks will lead to premature tan fading. If necessary, touch up your tan with a spray-on tan – ask the tanning salon professional about these products.



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