August 1, 2013

The Best Sunless Tanners & How to Apply Them

With so many products advertised as top-of-the-line sunless tanning solutions, it’s tough to know which one you should try to get the flawless results you want, without breaking your budget. While it’s true that the best self tanner for you is the one that works for your skin type and tone, some products are inherently better than others. High-end brands tend to be easier to use and more effective than generic products. While they do cost more initially, high quality formulas are designed to look better and last longer than cheaper alternatives.

As far as premium labels are concerned, the Mine Tan sunless tanning range is home to some of the best self tanner products and accessories in the upscale beauty industry. Whether you need an occasional colour pick-me-up or a year-long tan, the four all-star Mine Tan products below are sure to get your attention.

1. Mine Value Packs

While technically not an individual product, the value packs from Mine Tan deserve a spot on this list for their quality, convenience and instant results. Available in colours that range from exotic onyx to deliciously dark chocolate, it’s easy to find the right pack for your skin tone. If you want to try Mine Tan’s best-selling shades without buying full-size bottles, get incredible value with the company’s miniature packs. Since most of Mine Tan’s signature products are designed to be used as sprays tans, remember to exfoliate your skin prior to every application.

2. Onyx Foam

Perfect for creating a salon-quality tan at home, Mine Tan’s foam in onyx is infused with quadruple bronzers that deliver instant colour while continuing to gradually develop into a darker shade. Onyx is best suited for medium and dark skin tones, so stick to one coat if your skin is on the lighter side. If you have a darker skin tone or want dramatic results, layer your colour with two applications. In addition to creating an all-over tan, you can use this versatile product to fix tanning mishaps or to extend the lifespan of your salon spray tan.

3. Pure Organic Spray Tan

Mine Tan’s organic spray tan is one of the few self tanning products available on the market with all-natural ingredients. Perfect for people with sensitive skin and allergies, this formula uses a unique blend of skin-soothing extracts and organic tanning agents to create a healthy-looking glow that lasts. While it works for all skin tones, Mine Tan’s organic spray tan looks best on light and medium skin with caramel undertones.

4. Tan Extender Gradual Tan

The search for the best self tanner can be especially frustrating when you want a light tan that doesn’t overwhelm your natural skin tone. Mine Tan’s gradual tanning lotion uses gentle tanning agents and nourishing ingredients to create a subtle hint of colour you can wear alone or build over time for darker results. Use it as a daily moisturiser to control your colour and keep your skin hydrated.



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