May 9, 2014

Four Steps to a Longer-Lasting Faux Tan

Compared to tanning in sunlight, a fake tan is much safer for your health, faster and more versatile. With so many different products available at your fingertips, it’s easy to find the best fake tan for your skin, the right formula for your lifestyle and the top brand for your budget, so what’s the catch with going sunless? Besides variations in quality, which can be avoided by buying professional products, the most common complaint about tanners is their short lifespan. It’s a little known fact that the way tans fade has a lot to do with how we take care of them, which explains why one spray tan can last three days while another stays fresh well into its second week. From getting the most out of your application to making the results last, the foolproof steps below will help you get that deep, long-lasting color you crave.

Step 1: Exfoliate

Scrubbing your skin in the shower might seem like it has little to do with tanning, but it’s the single most important thing you can do to get ready for dark, streak-free coverage that lasts. Tanning agents create color in the upper layers of your skin. When the same skin layers are covered with dead skin cells and dirt, your tanner can’t fully penetrate into the skin. Exfoliating clears the way for all types of tanning formulas to absorb quickly and evenly. For polished skin without irritation or dryness, exfoliate about 24 hours before tanning.

Step 2: Choose Your Tanning Outfit Wisely

Even when they’re dry, tanners can rub off on tight fabric, especially spray tans with instant bronzers. This not only ruins clothing that you’d probably want to wear again, but it can also cause visible discolouration in your tan by creating uneven patches in areas where the fake tan comes in prolonged contact with the fabric. To stay on the safe side, always wear dark and loose-fitting clothing until your next shower.

Step 3: No Showering and Exercising for Eight Hours

Water is a fresh tan’s worst enemy because it needs a long time to fully develop. Any type of moisture, including excessive sweating and heavy rain, can cause streaks.

Step 4: Enhance Your Colour

Now that you have the best fake tan, why not make it last past its natural lifespan? Stock up on gradual tanners, tanning lotions and bronzers to keep your color fresh longer.



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