July 26, 2013

Spray Tan Training Tips

Unless you are an experienced salon professional, spray tanning can be intimidating. Invisible mistakes during the application can later turn into streaks and patches that need to be scrubbed off with powerful exfoliators before you can start over. Besides losing time, you can waste a lot of your self-tanning product if you have to keep applying it multiple times to practise or correct your mistakes. Fortunately, there is an easy solution to mastering spray tanning without going through dozens of failed applications and tanning bottles. Playing with instant bronzers that wash off in the shower is a foolproof spray tanning training method and a fun way to experiment with different looks without making any commitment.

The key to choosing the right product for your training routine is avoiding DHA. Because DHA is the ingredient that is responsible for colour development in the majority of self-tanning formulas, you need to avoid it if your goal is to practice. You also want to look for a product that works the same way as a typical spray tan. Lotions are applied differently, so it is not a good idea to use them to practice spray tanning. What you need is a spray can or a solution that can be put into tools that are commonly used for spray tanning.

Mine Tan offers one of the few DHA-free products available on the market specifically for spray-tan training. Play works and looks like a spray tan, but it does not actually put any colour into your skin. Because it is an instant bronzer that can be completely washed off in seconds, it is perfect for practising spray tanning without fear. If you make a mistake, starting over is as easy as jumping into the shower. Play makes it easy to master spray tanning before you move on to the real thing.

When you are using an instant bronzer like Mine Tan’s Play, there is no need to rush your spray tanning training since you are still getting colour. The main difference between traditional tanning solutions and DHA-free bronzers is the lifespan of your tan. When you are completely comfortable with your application, you are ready to try a traditional spray tan.

Remember to exfoliate your skin before every spray tan to get even coverage. You should also consider getting a few accessories that will help you achieve better and longer-lasting results. Mine Tan’s blending cream is perfect for creating a transition between the areas of the body where a tan would look unnatural including your feet, hands and elbows. To keep your skin hydrated and hold on to your colour until your next spray tan, use a daily moisturiser and high-quality bronzers.



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