May 16, 2014

( SOS ) Save Our Sheets!

Whether you’re a self-tan pro or still a complete beginner, home tanning can be a messy affair. There’s nothing more frustrating than waking up to find out that both you and your pricey white sheets now share the same golden glow. While following professional fake tan tips for application is a good start, it’s not a guarantee that traces of your home spray tan won’t end up somewhere they don’t belong, especially if you’re a fan of overnight tanning. With complaints about stained sheets giving sunless tanners a bad rep, we’re setting the record straight with expert-approved self tanning tips for preventing colour runoff.

Fake Tan Tips for Protecting Luxury Bedding

If your bed is covered in fine, stark white sheets, switch them out for a cheaper set to completely bypass the possibility of leaving any marks on the expensive fabric. When you’re feeling lazy, one of the best self tanning tips to avoid ruining high-end bedding is to simply cover it up with a temporary sheet that you keep in your closet as a backup for overdue laundry days. Keep in mind that doing a spray tan at home doesn’t mean that your sheets will get dirty, but you don’t want to risk any mishaps with fabric that has sentimental value or a big price tag.

Choosing the Right Product for Your Home Spray Tan

There’s a reason why fake tan tips from professionals always recommend buying top-of-the-line home tanning products, and it’s not just about getting more natural-looking results. For a spray tan at home that doesn’t streak on your skin or on your sheets, pick up a fast-drying formula from a reputable brand. Because generic tanning solutions are made with cheaper ingredients and chemical additives, they’re more likely to create a spotty spray tan that smudges at the slightest touch. For maximum stain protection, go with a formula that doesn’t have wash-off bronzers.

Self Tanning Tips for Using Tanning Mist

Armed with a high-quality home tanning spray, head to the bathroom for a tidy application. Runaway airbrush mist is a lot easier to clean when it lands on tiles. Have a full-length mirror on hand to make sure that you don’t miss any spots, but use only as much spray as you need to evenly cover your entire body. Applying too much product builds layers on top of the skin and makes absorption more difficult. The excess tanner is a lot more likely to rub off on your sheets later than a home spray tan with a thinner coat.

When possible, always do your spray tan at home in the mornings. If you get started early enough, you can avoid the risk of stained sheets altogether by showering before sleeping. Most home tanners need about eight hours to fully develop. Once that time is up, jump in the shower for a quick rinse before bed to wash off any leftover pigment without ruining your new tan.



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