February 7, 2014

Sexy Beach-Style Hair in Six Easy Steps

Now that you’ve got a flawless spray on tan and a sexy bikini, it’s time to put together the perfect hairdo for your new summer look. For beach bombshell style, you can’t beat tousled waves. Simple and sexy, loosely curled locks are flattering on all face shapes and figures. While celebrities wear the look all year long, a spray on tan and tousled waves are the ultimate summer accessories. If you’re ready to get started, grab a few essential products and follow the easy step-by-step directions below to create your own version of the classic beach trend.

What You Need

  • Curling iron. Use a smaller barrel on thinner hair or to create tighter waves. For looser waves and thicker hair, go with a medium-size wand.
  • Heat protectant.
  • Finishing hair spray. Choose a formula with a flexible hold. Stronger sprays can make your waves look sticky and stiff.


  1. Start with unwashed hair. Freshly washed locks are stripped of natural oils, so they don’t hold texture as well as dirtier strands. If your hair is thick, you can wait a couple of days before styling. Thinner hair starts to look greasy fast, so stick to the day-old rule or use a small amount of dry shampoo to boost volume before curling.
  2. Apply a heat protectant to your hair from roots to tips. Heat is extremely damaging to human hair, so you want to use a barrier product when styling with curlers, straighteners and dryers. In addition to preventing split ends and breakage from heat tools, a good protectant will shield your hair from the sun’s harmful rays.
  3. Part your hair the way you normally wear it for an all-natural look. Because your strands are used to falling in a specific way, parting your hair in the wrong place can make your waves look staged.
  4. Use clips to pull your hair into small sections. If you part your hair on one side, keep the sections even all over by using more clips on the side where most of your hair falls naturally.
  5. Curl your hair one section at a time. To avoid accidentally loosening the curls in front, work from the back toward your face. Point your curling iron down to create vertical curls. When you do the front sections, slightly pull the curler away from your hairline for waves that frame your face.
  6. Gently pull your fingers through your finished hair to loosen the curls into tousled waves. When you’re happy with the results, seal them with hair spray. Now that your hair is beach ready, doesn’t your spray on tan look even more gorgeous?



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