August 6, 2013

Self-Tanning Tips

Getting a great faux tan is as much about your application as it is about the quality of the products you use. Whether you are a dedicated fan of salon sprays tan or a do-it-yourself type of girl, follow the eight steps below to get an even, bronzed glow that lasts.

Eights Steps to Building Your Dream Colour

1. Polish your skin to a clear and smooth finish. Tanning agents work by sinking into the top layer of your skin, so the best way to get even coverage is to start with a clean canvas. Shave and exfoliate at least 12 hours before tanning, to give your skin plenty of time to recover.

2. Moisturise your skin before you tan. Using a hydrating body lotion half an hour before applying your tanner is one of the best tips you can follow to get an even coverage. Moisturise your body after showering and about half an hour before tanning.

3. Keep tan removers on hand in case you make a mistake. You can buy a liquid tan remover or user-friendly tan remover wipes for fixing occasional mistakes. If you spot a problem but do not have any removers on hand, try to rub the discoloured area with an exfoliating brush or a powerful body scrub. Put an extra drop of lotion on top of areas where too much colour can look unnatural, including your hairline, eyebrows, ankles, knees and elbows.

4. Wait at least eight hours after your application before showering or exposing your skin to water. When it comes to extending the lifespan of your colour, one of the most important tanning tips is to protect your body from moisture. Water can strip your colour before it develops and cause streaks.

5. Choose the right products if you are just starting out. Some of the best self tanning tips for beginners are to go slow and use tinted products. Try a tanning mousse or a gel to keep track of the areas you cover.

6. Have a plan when working with aerosol. While sprays are great for reaching tricky areas like your back, they can also be difficult to apply. Avoid going too dark (or orange) by paying attention to the areas you have already sprayed and avoiding double coverage.

7. Protect your hands with gloves or mitts. Most self tanning tips suggest that washing your hands after application is enough to keep them clean, but your skin can still absorb tanning agents before you get to the sink. Tanning mitts are a better option because they form a protective barrier between your skin and the tanning lotion.

8. Once you have finished the application, wait for your skin to dry before getting dressed or putting on deodorant. To avoid streaks and smudges, do not to use perfume or essential oils until your colour develops.



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