October 11, 2013

Secrets for a Picture Perfect Spray Tan

The quality of your tanning solution is one of many factors that determine how your spray tan will look after it develops. How you treat your skin before, during and after your tanning session can make a dramatic difference in the lifespan and quality of your colour. In fact, pre-application preparation and aftercare are must-have ingredients in the formula for achieving the best spray tans. With the right beauty regimen, you can optimise your results and save money by extending the amount of time in between your appointments.

How to Get the Best Spray Tans

1. Wax or shave about 24 hours before your spray tans. Waxing and shaving can instantly remove most of your colour, so you really want to get it done in advance of your tanning session.

2. Cleanse your skin with exfoliators. The best spray tans always start with flawless skin. That means removing the dead skin cells, dirt and debris that can turn your spray tan into a streaky mess. While you can technically use any exfoliator to clean your skin, you can get better results with formulas that are specifically designed for sunless tanning. To restore your skin’s delicate pH balance and create a deeper and more realistic tan, exfoliate with Mine Tan’s Perfect Start Primer. Infused with aloe vera and other hydrating ingredients, Mine Tan’s primer also fights the drying effects of DHA while your tan develops.

3. Wear loose clothing to your tanning appointment. Spray tans do dry quickly, but they can be rubbed off or smudged before they have a chance to fully develop. To stay on the safe side, avoid wearing tight clothes until after your next shower.

4. Apply barrier cream to areas where you do not want colour to develop. The spaces in between your fingers and toes, your hairline, eyebrows, feet and palms are all areas where a faux tan can look unnatural. Try the blending cream from Mine Tan’s exclusive prep range to create a smooth and natural-looking transition from darker to lighter areas. Rub a few drops of the rich blending formula on difficult areas immediately before getting spray tans. To avoid blocking colour completely and causing noticeable colour inconsistencies, wipe away any access cream before you step into the tanning booth.

5. Protect your colour from fading. Your tanning care routine should not stop at the actual application. To maintain your golden-brown colour for days after your appointment, moisturise your skin every day. If you like to keep your colour on the lighter side, use traditional moisturisers. If you want to deepen your tan or double its lifespan, add in subtle colour while you moisturise with gradual tanning lotions.



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