May 30, 2014

How To Rock The Winter Tan

How does winter weather affect our skin? Let us count the ways. Freezing temperatures damage our hands and leave them feeling taut. At the same time, low humidity levels cause extreme dryness and itching by stripping our skin of its essential oils. When the winds pick up, we can suddenly find ourselves waking up to an aging face as our complexion takes on ashy tones that look unflattering under winter’s cloudy skies.

Even your favourite self-tanning solutions aren’t safe from winter’s icy reach. After all, dry skin is the most common culprit behind streaks, patches and stains. Now that the chill is in the air, are we doomed to suffer from dull and temperamental skin until spring comes back around? Not necessarily. Research shows that being proactive about winter skin care is the best way to fight the season’s harsh weather conditions. Below, we share skin care tips that should be on your winter to-do list and tell you how to give your summer tanning routine a cool makeover.

Winter Skin Care and Tanning Basics

You don’t need to spend a fortune on a hot overseas holiday to rock the sun-kissed goddess look in the off season. One of the most important skin care tips for creating a natural-looking winter tan is to start with a healthy base. Hydration is the key to achieving streak-free coverage with every application. To soothe winter’s itch and banish dryness, stock up on heavy-duty lotions with emollient bases like shea butter or lanolin. Thick creams help seal in 24-hour hydration and guard against inflammation.

Since using a hydrating daily lotion should make up for any significant moisture loss, keep exfoliating twice or three times a week. Scrubbing your skin on a regular basis is the secret to preventing tanning disasters and avoiding winter’s dreaded lifeless complexion.

When heading outdoors, protect your skin from damage with a high-SPF sunscreen lotion. Even when it feels weak, the sun can cause permanent damage and speed up aging. For extra protection, shield your most sensitive areas with warm, all-natural fabrics. On sensitive skin types, synthetics can contribute to cracking, dryness and redness.

Skin Care Tips for Using Tanners to Achieve a Gorgeous Winter Glow

With winter skin care under control, creating flawless faux colour is easy. Here’s how to do it:

1. Always exfoliate the day before tanning. To optimise your results, polish your skin with Mine Tan’s best-selling Perfect Start Primer.

2. Choose a winter-friendly colour. Leave the deep bronzers in your summer collection. For natural-looking colour in cooler weather, pick up a peachy hue for pale skin or a caramel base if you have a medium or dark complexion.

3. Use a therapeutic tanning formula. Packed with antioxidants and vitamins, Mine Tan’s Moroccan spray tans are perfect for giving your skin the extra nourishment it needs to stay healthy all winter long.

4. To avoid going too dark with multiple applications, look to gradual tanning lotions and bronzing makeup when you need a subtle colour pick-me-up.



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